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Many men fancy spending their spare time at brothels and whorehouses in Barcelona. There they meet escorts and sluts and don’t take long in getting in bed with them. They have sex in a few minutes. They lick nipples, DATY, and some of them know how to find feminine G-spot. However, few men know how to do to find masculine G-spot. Maybe because of ignorance, or taboo, men’s greatest pleasure usually fall through the cracks. Today, on our beloved blog, “women are really sluty, but hey, men, your G-spot is in your ass.”

Let’s have a serious start. Why do we call it masculine G-spot? Ernst Gräfenberg was an experienced sexologist who devoted his life to study human sexuality. He found out that the greatest pleasure is at everybody’s fingerprints. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Where can we find the responsible for men’s greatest orgasm?

Masculine G-spot is placed 5 cm. deep in rectum. We should find it if we put it our finger slightly curved. It is a gland the size of a nut. The prostate is responsible for urinating and ejaculating, depending on the context.

Basically, masculine organs are connected to the prostate with many nerve endings. This is why it can increase the pleasure of orgasm in 500% approximately. That’s a number we have just made up, it’s only for you to get an idea of it.

If you aren’t convinced by the idea of having a finger in your ass to stimulate your masculine G-spot, you can always stay on the doorstep. The other option is to give pleasure to the perineum, which is the skin between your anus and your scrotum. It will ease you awake your prostate, although it isn’t the real masculine G-spot. It is like the popular saying: “half a loaf is better than none.”

I love my masculine G-spot, am I gay?

If you are worried about being gay or not, you may be gay. Straight men, who are convinced by feminine and free pleasure don’t wonder themselves if they are gay. They are only concerned about enjoying sex with as many women as they can.

Iberic machos save their asses to shit. Now that we are celebrating Halloween, let’s pray for all those wasted anuses, which will be shitting forever.

The anus is a super orgasm entrance. The anus is the doorstep to masculine G-spot. It isn’t about being gay, but taking advantage of every possibilities offered by Mother Nature and exploring sexual experiences beyond taboos, machismos and nonsenses.

I’m decided to try it!

Nice. After thinking about it and guided by curiosity, you have decided to try how it is masculine G-spot. First of all, hygiene. Go buy an enema to any chemist’s. You have to clean the area as much as you can. Unless, you fancy coprophagia and mixing sex and shit, you’d better take all the shit away.

When your guts are excrement free, you can start playing. Have you been courageous enough to tell your girlfriend or wife? Maybe she is as lustful as you and is ready to fuck her husband and watch the wonderful effects that masculine G-spot has on him.

Or, maybe you haven’t. You don’t dare to tell it to your couple, you’d rather be with a professional and discreet escort, or call girl. There are thousands of sluts on the Internet. We only have to choose our favorite escort and the most specialized in masculine G-spot art.

It might be of your interest calling her and tell her about your intentions: I’d like to try masculine G-spot. Your escort will fully understand your fantasies and will make them true.

The best G positions

We will give you some ideas, but each one of us feels comfortable finding our own way. This is a practice for two, so you have to look for that comfort to get a good experience. You can go on your four, lie on a bed with your knees touching your chest, or lie prone with a pillow under your hips. Any position is right, if your ass is exposed.

Once you have chosen a position, don’t forget applying lube. We don’t want you to get your anus irritated. That is why you should remind applying as much lube as you need to ease the penetration of fingers, a dildo, or whatever you have decided to use.

Five centimeters deep in the rectum, you should find masculine G-spot. Be patient and careful, it will come a moment when your man shouts in pleasure. Remember to curve your finger a little bit, your finger isn’t an iron bar. We have to be flexible, which we can apply to this and other contexts, including the seek of your masculine G-spot.

Let’s respect first timers’ asses

This is about putting it in and out, right? This is about stimulating it nicely, warmly and delicately. If men are used to this, you can do it harder, but let’s respect first timers’ asses.

The best escorts and sluts in Barcelona recommend to move your finger softly, press the prostate caringly, and last but not least, observe if the man is really enjoying. We should always adapt to the other one’s pace and have present their pleasure, not only ours.

The one million dollar question is: could stimulating my G-spot lead me to have a prostate cancer? No, of course not. In fact, the great orgasm it provides eliminates all toxins accumulated in the glans. So, it is good to avoid it. Come on, go for an enema now!

02 November 2016  - 

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