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Teen escorts and other kinds of young escorts advertise on the Internet with good reason, because their fans are increasing fastly. Everyone want a taste of youth. Smooth skin, firm boobs, cheerful and the innocence the rest of us have lost somehow. But, don’t get fooled. Mature escorts’ sweetness is as good as any other trait of their younger colleagues. Let’s get deep in the mysterious mature escorts, their seduction power, experience and arousement.

Mature escorts are like wine. They get better as time goes by. Many would probably prefer a young girl with a pert ass. Those should remember that a pert ass is sticked to nonsenses, immaturity and lack of universal consciousness.

Mature escorts are madams

“I want a woman who is up to the circumstances”, a regular client of La Vie en Rose says. “To get that, you have to meet one of the mature escorts in Barcelona. A dinner, a drink, and feeling comfortable is only possible with mature escorts. It is very common that teen escorts are vain because of their young age. It isn’t possible to talk to them because they won’t listen to you, neither understand you. Mature prostitutes are madams, the best companions.”

Mature escorts are the most complete options to men who look for the best companion to talk and have sex. Don’t think that the word “mature” refers to seventy-years-old sluts. In paid sex world, women grow old really fast. A woman on her forties, and even earlier, is all of a mature escort, although she still has firm boobs, a pert ass and smooth skin.

Conversation, company, sex

“Conversation, company, sex”; this is the definition for mature escorts of another regular client at La Vie en Rose. “You can talk to them. They are more prepared to listen to you and impress your friends.”

Let’s not pretend we are puritans. Mature escorts are sex professionals who are much more complete than young escorts. However, men don’t go punting because of good conversations. We look for fucking, a pair of big boobs, women who give good blowjobs and perform special services such as deep throat and something as daring as A-levels -aka Greek anal sex-.

Mature escorts offer everything. A high-quality company and much experience in bed. When men go hooking up, we want to fuck fast and non-stop, feel all the pleasure and be sure that she likes how we do it because, otherwise, it seems we have got nothing. Mature sluts are the most prepared sex partners to those who want it all.

MILF: age’s attraction

Have you ever heard about MILF? They aren’t fairies who live in a forest, but Mother I’d Like to Fuck.The term describes sex attraction that young men feel for mature women, maybe mothers, who probably know much more of sex than their teen girlfriends.

We never forget “The Graduate” movie with a handsome Hoffman crazy in love with Mrs. Robinson. She is a woman on her late thirties and he is a hot student.

Sexual attraction for those who are older than us works in both directions. Not only mature men run after university girls. Young boys with great biceps daydream about fucking that mature woman they run into everyday.

Do you know how to treat a mature escort?

Escorts’ sexual experience is greater than the rest of mortals’. Specially, talking about mature escorts. They know how to behave and what their clients expect from them. They don’t need to ask many questions, they only need to watch and listen. They tie up loose ends faster than other people. They are more intuitive than the rest of us.

The right question to ask when it comes to a great professional of sex is: do you know how to treat an escort like her? Are you going to be able to make her cum several times? Is your tongue ready to give her pleasure? Will your cock remain hard for the whole encounter?

We have interviewed some mature callgirls about their clients’ attitude when it comes to closing the room entrance door and facing be alone with one of them in the room. “Some of them are nervous because mature escorts aren’t alike to teens, we know a lot about sex, we have performed everything known so far. We aren’t easy to impress. However, this isn’t a reason to worry. I like to get everything I know about sex and give all of it to my client. He doesn’t need to do anything, I am more than enough to please him.”

Mature sluts are the sexual fantasy which many young people want for a paid sex night. “They are studying, so don’t feel really aroused about having sex with another student. They have college parties for that purpose. When they meet me, they are looking for a truly intense sex encounter. Mature escorts know a lot about sex because we have fucked so much, that is why we can provide men with the greatest pleasure.

Another pro about having a sex experience with a mature prostitute is that we have full liberty to ask for rare sex positions, services and fantasies. “My clients feel free to tell me what they want to do, they know I don’t have taboos, I won’t get scared neither judge them. I’m experienced in sex, I’ve been asked for everything before. I know that it is important for them to confess their fetishes to an escort who will keep their secret, fulfill their fantasy, and last but not least, won’t judge them.”

To sum up, mature escorts are one of the most demanded professionals of sex. If you want to check out all we have talked about, you’d better start thinking about how to please her in bed. 

28 October 2016  - 

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