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How many times have you heard about “the oldest job in history” referring to prostitution? Many times, for sure. However, renowned theorists in this subject have agreed that the oldest job in history isn’t prostitution, but agriculture. Since humans wanted to sort the hunger issue out and then take care of the sexual hunger. Do you agree with this hypothesis?

After having solved this worldwide controversy, we are going to make a little and funny review about the origins of the so-called second oldest job in history.


Speaking to escorts


We have spoken to some escorts who come over to La Vie en Rose and asked them about the origins of their job. The luxury escort states that she is “a lifelong slut” and goes on talking about an interesting thought: “If there is no love, we all prostitute for something. Men and women. Men offer certain stability in exchange for sex. Women get married and offer sex in exchange for a certain stability. In other ways, everybody gives something in exchange for something”.

But, love is a different thing. The saying goes ‘with you for better and worse’, but it is contradicted by another saying: ‘money can’t buy happiness’. “If we all give something in exchange for something, I don’t understand why there are so many taboos related to sluts” - we have noticed that the luxury escort commenting this feels great as she says it.

The Egyptian escort has blessed us with another interesting thought: “Sluts have always been her. I don’t know if our job is the oldest one in history, but without us, men’s balls would be so tense that they would crash. We have always been a great relief for them and for women, too. Many women don’t want to do certain practices like bareback blowjob or anal sex. Their husbands come to meet us and the problem is solved. Everybody’s happy”.


The exemplary prostitute


The ancient Orient, the European courtesans, the Japanese geishas, the Greek hetairas, the Roman vestals. Call it as you want, men have always wanted to fuck, although they encased prostitutes in religion or culture.  

Time ago, prostitutes and escorts were also called priestesses, or guardians of fire, but they were the same that nowadays. There have always been different statuses. Men fancy gorgeous girls, but don’t forget we also want to enjoy for a while. It’s in that context, which is wider than sex and a few positions to score points, where the figure of the exemplary prostitute appears.

Who is the exemplary prostitute? To many, geishas, that’s why Japanese escorts are so successful. An escort full of personal skills in addition to the expected firm enhanced breasts and sexy hip swinging.

Geishas are the top of escorts. Japanese are so jealous of them that the entry to brothels is only allowed for Japanese men. Foreigners can’t enter the brothel and sleep with a geisha. If they try, the Yakuza will surely slap their face.

Poetry, music, singing, science, games, interpreting, dancing and pussy juggling, they are only a few of the Japanese geishas' virtues. These escorts have all what a man needs to get entertained.


Pompeii frescoes


Pompeii cheekies were the ones who most fucked in the city before Vesuvius said “enough”. As you probably know already, a fresco is a painting on the wall of a home, for instance; we’ve got all the information about their sexual life from those paintings.

Although ancient kings and European popes insisted on hiding sexual freedom, history has survived until our days and archeologists have found out paintings representing the most lustful and mischievous Pompeiian fantasies.

On our beloved blog, we usually write about anal sex, rimming, snowballing, titfuck, services for couples and lesbian duo, but all that are nonsenses compared to the representations found in Pompeii. Let us explain ourselves.

If we ask you about threesomes, how would you imagine them? A man and two women, for sure; or two men having sex with a woman. All for her, right? Does it seem a hot scene to you?


Pompeiian volcanic game


We think it is a child’s play compared to the Pompeiian proposition. To them, a threesome was built by two men and a woman, but pay attention! One of the men is in the middle! And he gets fucked from behind while he penetrates the woman. Everybody’s happy.

Who was the owner of the house with so didactic and revealing frescoes? Obviously, those paintings have been found in the walls of the coolest brothel in the neighborhood that time.

Not everybody could access it, only the wealthiest ones; that’s why escorts have always known how to choose their audience. Fucking only the best wallets and give them the hottest parts of their body and sexual knowledge.


Swiss dancers


They say that Swiss migration policies are as complex as Swiss people. It is hard to enter Switzerland and remain legally. But, how does this wealthy country manage to have a wide offer of escorts given that Swiss girls aren’t interested on being one of them?

The dancer ID card. An ID card that allows to enter the country and stay there for long time earning money. We are not fully sure, but that’s what our contact network says.

Dancers, escorts, masseuses, they play the role of ancient priestesses and vestals. Human necessities are still the same, although our first necessity will be always to fill our stomach. 

16 December 2016  - 

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