Mature escorts: interesting conversation and sexual expertise

10 September 2015  - 
Mature escorts: interesting conversation and sexual expertise

Mature escorts are the right kind of companion for those clients who want to get something more than a simple date with a prostitute. Besides sex, there are also other aspects that are considered to be as important when it comes to get lost in the arms of a whore in Barcelona. Mature escorts combine conversation and sexual expertise, that’s why they are the most seeked profile on the Internet.

Satisfying companionship

Some readers could read this post and still think that whores are whores, so there is no need for them to be intelligent or learned to have an interesting conversation; big boobs and ass are enough, the rest doesn’t matter! However, there is a kind of client who is interested in what aptitudes has the whore he is about to meet in Barcelona. A date which includes sex, affinity and a sharp sense of humour; that’s all what a mature escort offers men who visit her and take her for dinner. Mature escorts are up to any situation.

More than “a full session”

Do men really feel complete after “a full session”, or maybe they would like to have something different? According to what some of the clients we have talked to say, this is not only about climax, orgasm, or whatever you want to call it, “no doubt, when there’s a connection with the escort, shagging tastes better”. Regular escort clients speak clear and affirm they prefer dating mature escorts to get all they look for in a sexual date.

Mature escorts are called so for a reason; they are able to escort you to somewhere else apart from the bed or the bathtube.

Besides the typical escort services such as bareback blowjob Greek anal sex deep throat, trio, or private parties, mature escorts offer their poise and maturity, which teen escorts may find difficult to offer.

We have talked to mature escorts that have affirmed us that “men like full dates, not only a good shag. Many clients are 50 years old men who need an escort up to the task, so they don’t leave feeling they just wasted time with a person they had nothing to talk about.”

Mature escorts’ clients will find sexual knowledge and expertise to chat and escort them to any event. In addition, mature escorts also listen to their clients’ problems or frustrations and give some advices, they are mature enough to listen to them and comfort them.

What age on up are they considered to be mature escorts from?

It may be unfair to call mature an escort who is under 30 years old, but it works like that. Escorts who are 25 years old or below are called teen university escorts, teen escorts, etc. But, from that age on up they can change their professional name to mature escorts.

The truth is university escorts and teen escorts are highly outstanding on the Internet. Paid-sex lovers lose their mind for a date with a 20-year-old escort, who is probably a mischievous student. Those traits make many men feel attracted, but there are also many men who need more from a date with a whore.

There are whores of any age. It isn’t weird to meet some 65-year-old whores who still work on the industry and have a large list of clients. From up to 18 years old to whatever age they want, they can become whores and take part of the different rankings depending on their age and preferences for regular or casual clients.

Mature escorts: selecting clients

Some men think that being a whore consists of fucking the first man who cross their way; however it doesn’t work so in escort’s world. Escorts are whores who have a profile on the Internet or an agency, and set up their dates beforehand, as any other professional.

Mature escorts are very selective when it comes to choose their clients. They won’t date anybody who calls them; they will select who they want as a regular client, who should be a casual one, and who should call another colleague.

They are selective escorts. They have told us that after having the shag of their life with a client, it’s the moment to decide whether they want him to be a regular or not. They give their client a kiss, make a comment, or have an affectionate gesture to make him know he is welcome to repeat with them.

There is a lot of competition among escorts regarding their sexual practices; however, competition is not aggressive in other fields such as companionship, education and maturity in conversations before and after the sexual practices.

Regular mature escort clients

Many clients of mature escorts are middle-aged who need sexual contact but look for something more in a date; however, many other mature escort clients are young boys who want to get introduced in sex and need an expert escort to teach them how to enjoy women in bed. They are two extremes which meet among the sheets and black lace lingerie of mature escorts. 

10 September 2015  - 

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