Mature escorts

12 June 2015  - 
Mature escorts

Mature escorts: savoir-faire excitement

Fucking. What a great word! Fucking countless and endlessly. Even better! Fucking with a mature escort … things reach THE boiling point! Who haven’t ever daydreamed about having sex with somebody older than oneself? Or letting you go in the arms of a mature escort? This situation can compare to an eco-friendly fruit shop: everything is so tasty that you don’t know what to choose.

Among the escorts’ world there are as many categories as dirty pervert fantasies. One of them which has big success among men is mature escorts. Why? Because they are exciting, stir up passions, and they know very well what they do in bed. Those are just a sample of the reasons why we are going to talk about mature escorts in our beloved and liberal blog.

Mature and married escorts

That’s a gold mine. Being a mature escort and being married, or being like a hot trendy belle de jour, like Catherine Denevue, is a fantasy that many escorts fulfill very often.  Imagine fucking with someone mature and married; what an exciting fantasy!

Let’s unravel this wet and exciting concept. Why does the idea of fucking with mature and married escorts make clients go crazy? In regards to mature, we know that there’s a touch of expertise in sex which is very interesting when it comes to dating a girl. The fact that they are married means that they don’t work as an escort 24/7. That’s the point for many clients. Besides they are infidel for fun; they want to deepen in sex skills; they feel a mischievous curiosity for dicks; and they want to taste and be tasted by half of the male population in Barcelona. In other words, she is a little bitchy, mischievous, and a great fucker. In addition, there’s a dummy, their husbands, who aren’t aware of the erupting volcanoes they are married with. Clients practice wild sex with married mature escorts while their silly husbands are at the office. And clients feel they are so naughty!

Now we are going to explain the MILF concept, which is very successful among mature escorts world.

MILF: Mother I’d like to fuck

You have read it right. MILF means mother I’d like to fuck. That is appealing, too. In this case, besides being mature married escort, having children plays an important role. It seems that the more people involved, the more excited clients are. It seems it’s not enough for them to fuck with a simple escort, or a whore. They like them to have a cool professional compound name; well, mature escort is a very cool one.

Continuing with the former story we were talking about before, we have the following characters: the client, the mature escort, the dummy husband who doesn’t notice anything and the children.

The traditional simple wife and mother becomes a sex machine. Besides she fucks in exchange for money, or for the pleasure of escaping from anodyne hours of watching horrible TV. The truth is that anybody would want to be like Catherine Devenue, if the alternative is watching TV and its monsters.

Clients feel so aroused by profaning a holy territory which is the family with children institution. They don’t care about any social rule; they put himself in the body of a mature escort, living their fantasy to the fullest, as if was his last day on Earth. It can happen that sometimes dreams turn into reality.

Mature escorts: from what age?

Mature escorts represent a world desired by everybody. It is very curious the age aspect. Without being a whore, what age a woman is considered mature from? 40? 50? We don’t know. Nowadays, age has become a very relative aspect. However, it not so relative in prostitution world, where it is usually considered that women from the age of 27 are mature escorts. But, this is nothing to worry about, because adding the adjective “mature” to the word “escort” makes their agenda be stable or even makes it increase. What it is curious is the age for a male escort to be considered mature; we don’t know it exactly, but George Clooney is still considered as a sex symbol and he is 60 years old already.

Mature escorts: where is the best place to fulfill your hottest fantasy?

La Vie en Rose  is the perfect club to get to know mature escorts who come over to the club looking for company, good chatting, and a great fuck to end the day, or start the evening properly.

If you don’t want to beat about the bush, but to relax and let expert mature escorts fuck you, you can make a booking with one of these beauties in the relaxation area. Getting an erotic massage or a happy ending massage can be the right mixture of pleasures you need for tonight.

The luxurious suites  are exquisitely and contemporary designed, its aesthetics is focused on sex, and they are fully equipped for the comfort of our clients. Enjoy the company of an amazing mature escort in the right place to give free rein to your dirtiest and most pervert fantasies.


Keep in mind that nothing is too good for mature escorts, who are real fuckers with deep and surprising sexual expertise; they will beat you in bed, so ask for what you like the most and let yourself get lost between their legs. Tonight is the night when you are about to discover their best secrets. 

12 June 2015  - 

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