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Happy ending massages

Massages are one of those topics we usually forget because they didn’t got our attention and we thought we didn’t need them. However, they have become trendy probably because of hedonism, spas and Asian culture recent boom. Among the wide variety of massage types, we have chosen to talk about sensual and erotic massages in Barcelona. What do they consist of? What are the differences between these massages and the rest of them? Where can I get the best sensual and erotic massages in Barcelona?

Massages for everyone

Massage pleasures have become popular and, fortunately, they aren’t only for wealthy pockets anymore. Common people like us can enjoy this experience if we are ready to pay to release our tensions.

There are massages for every taste. We can get an oil massage, a chocolate massage or even a hot stone massage. Massages take us to idyllic places, make us enjoy scents and melodies in the cases of Thai, Egyptian and Hawaiian massages. It is possible to travel there without having to get out of the spa, which is recomforting.

This is really exotic, but how can we combine it with erotic massages in Barcelona?

The utmost pleasure

Many men need a porn sex session to feel satisfied. They love to attend orgies full of DATY, hard dicks putting in the most pleasurable holes and big cums; however, there are other men who prefer to feel erotism intense pleasure, sensuality, and erotic massages in Barcelona.

At La Vie en Rose, there are beautiful escorts who are expert in BBBJ and erotic massages. The brothel’s relax area is perfect to relax and enjoy sex in a different way.

Imagine yourself bathing in a bathtub full of foam, only illuminated by candlelights, listening to chill music and seeing a naked stunning escort in front of you ready to please you. Some men prefer to get a relaxing massage while they are bathing and reach the private room after it; others prefer to lay on a bed and get their happy ending.

Sensual and erotic massages in Barcelona

Massages rock; the expert hands of escorts are naughty and know what to do; but our favorite part of this kind of massage is its happy ending, hehehe!

Relaxing by watching a pair of breasts and a hot call girl and thinking she is about to blow us make us feel happy, that’s why it is called happy ending massage.

The difference between erotic massages and the rest of massages is that erotic massages involve sex while the rest of massages don’t. Sensual and erotic massages in Barcelona involve touching, caressing and massaging erogenous areas; in addition of relaxing your shoulders and back, the escort will grab softly and slowly your cock until you get hard and get lost in your favorite happy ending.

Some professionals of erotic massages will ask you what are your likings to make sure you want to get a happy ending because not all erotic massages include a happy ending. Sometimes, clients only want to get massaged those areas which physiotherapists usually forget.

Massages and erotism

La Vie en Rose is the perfect brothel to go; one of the most common situations is that you get the bar area after a night out, meet a stunning lustful escort and end your night in a suite. Celebrating bachelor parties, birthday parties, and business parties are other good excuses to visit our brothel and forget about everything else.

There are many men who want to disappear from the real world and get deep in a sensual and relaxing experiences. Everybody likes sex parties, but we also like to spend some time alone with an escort who is expert in sensual and erotic massages in Barcelona and let her take control.

Massages have always been a part of erotic experiences because it is natural to caress your partner to please him or her. At La Vie en Rose, we provide the best erotic massages. We have interviewed a client who usually date his favorite escort at La Vie en Rose’s relax area. 

“Erotic massages are my favorite service”

Erotic massages are my favorite service. The idea of meeting the Cuban escort I usually date to enjoy La Vie en Rose’s relax area and forget about the outside world helps me to I work hard every day and put up with my boss scoldings. I like it because it is a different kind of sex; she gently makes me feel horny, I have plenty of time to wait for the end, I abandon to her hands and let her lead the massage; so she decides the perfect moment to reach happy ending. To me, this is the best way to get BBBJ: unhurriedly. I spend one hour with her, firstly I talk to her and both drink champagne in a bathtub, then we reach a private room. Lastly, I come back home, everybody should try erotic massages, I’m sure they would love it.”

What are the thinkings of an escort who is expert in sensual and erotic massages in Barcelona? She thinks that it is necessary to take courses and know the body you are touching because it is possible to injure someone during an erotic massage if you don’t know how to massage it right. “Escorts provide massages because clients want to get a happy ending, however, many of them have muscle pain or soreness, so we must know how to massage them to stop that pain. So, yes, it is possible to get a real therapeutic massage provided by an escort and a pleasing BBBJ at the same time. It is the perfect massage, that’s why it is gaining followers.”

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17 June 2016  - 

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