Luxury whores: a sex lesson

25 August 2015  - 
Luxury whores: a sex lesson

Luxury whores: a sex lesson

For many prostitutes, sex business is good only because it is a business. Imperious necessity to literally be showered in money and feel on top of the world can meet its counterpart in being a luxury whore in Barcelona. Sex, night, speed and much money are words which are related to high class escorts, also known as luxury escorts.

What is the difference between a luxury escort  and a whore? Basically, whores are street workers and escorts are professional of sex; both provide alike services to their clients, but escorts must be contacted on the phone and do outcalls to hotels outcalls to apartments and also to high class clubs.

For some, things are pretty clear; prostitution is a business, and business is good, so prostitution is good. We won’t judge if it is good or not, provided of course that it’s held between adults voluntarily and assuming health and hygiene are watched.  

Independent escorts

Independent escorts in Barcelona advertise themselves on the Internet as those professional who offer sexual services such as bareback blowjob , deep Greek anal sex , duplex , or private parties without intermediaries. Independent escorts answer their phone and use hotels or private apartments to fulfil the dirtiest and most pervert desires of their clients. There is no agency, nor manager who gets a part of the money they have earned for their work. Usually, clients are the ones who pay for the hired room, separately from the agreed sexual services.

Sometimes, independent escorts work as a team, as if they were an agency. However, they are not; they are only professional escorts who work on sex business without having to give a single explanation to anyone. They may advertise on the same web site to give clients more options to choose.

The sexual service

Does really prostitution sell only sex, or maybe it sells sex and something more? According to most luxury escorts  and luxury whores in Barcelona , their clients seek for sexual satisfaction and also for human connection. Feeling the contact, skin, and affection of other human play an important role for humans. That’s why the more isolated you are, the worse mood you have.

Humans are the most social beings in Earth. Most of us look forward to next weekend to see other people and have fun, to do something with someone special or hang out with friends. However, not everyone can enjoy a proper social life, and that’s the area where whores provide a great service to humanity.

Hugs, kissing, caresses, sex, and of course conversation, everything is part of what a person needs to feel beloved, accepted and connected to the world. Some psychologists have defined sex as the way to connect with humanity. This involves more than simple physical pleasure, which we can get easily by masturbating and not getting the same pleasure.

The best service escorts offer is that company, that physical pleasure combined with the mental pleasure we get when we feel accompanied, connected and desired.

A sex lesson

Luxury escorts in Barcelona and also luxury whores play another important role which the rest of women could thank them; they teach a lesson about dealing in bed with the opposite gender. Many men are unexperienced or simply don’t know how to satisfy women wildly, so they date a luxury whore to get the most important lesson of their life.

Oral sex , cunnilingus, also known as DATY (dinner at the Y) is an art which not everybody masters. We shouldn’t be surprised by this statement because nobody borns knowing it; it has many secrets which have to be learned and mastered. Luxury escorts can teach the best way to DATY, so clients will be able to be very successful in their future romantic dates thanks to this ancient art.

Self-esteem burst

Among men, being a great fucker, being acclaimed by women and requested to sexually satisfy them, means to have the biggest credit in the universe. Probably, they overrate sex, but the fact is that being labeled as impotent, bad fucker, tiny dick, or any other terrible words, gives you a reputation nobody wants to have.  

Luxury escorts and whores help clients to be real males in bed, to know what should be done, so they do it right. This helps them raise their self-esteem, since satisfying women is many men’s dream; a dream you can turn into reality thanks to practice sex with luxury escorts in Barcelona.

Luxury whores and married men

Many clients of luxury escorts in Barcelona are married. For some men, prostitution is their recipe to keep on with their marriage. For example, a sexually inactive wife who doesn’t like certain practices such as anal sex can lose her husband if he finds a lover to practice all kind of dirty pervert fantasies and start a relationship. However, the risk of ending your marriage disappears when men fall in the arms of luxury whores, so they can do all the practices their wife wouldn’t accept.

And the same goes to wives who are not able to get a good orgasm with their husband, they can hire a prostitute man, also known as gigolo, because a real lover could make your marriage unstable.

Therefore, use prostitution to get the lesson you need, to practice all that you always dreamt of, and to feel connected with humanity, so you can free your mind from sex thoughts. 

25 August 2015  - 

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