Luxury whores

29 June 2015  - 
Luxury whores

A luxury whore is a stunning woman who takes economic advantage of her gifted body.

Escorts for any situation or event; luxury escorts  for your most special days and nights. More commonly known as luxury whores , escorts are way better than simple whores. They travel all around the world, complete higher levels of education and speak languages. Let’s see what is like being a luxury whore in paid-sex business.

One of the best regarded places in Barcelona to find a luxury escort and having an unforgettable night is La Vie en Rose . As we are going to be with a luxury escort, what better than being surrounded by a place in good taste? Everything has to be as you like it, without finding negative surprises or unexpected turns/twists. Luxury whores’ clients usually know very well what they look for in an escort.

Education and politeness are more important aspects than nationality. Luxury whores’ clients don’t want to take risks when it comes to choose a call girl, as they often hire their services to make a good impression in important events such as a weeding, a business diner or a nice trip, knowing for sure they are about to have fun.

Black escorts Brazilian escorts , Venezuelan escorts , and Russian escorts  have a lot of success as luxury whores because they look like ladies, but they are real sex bombs in bed. In and outside the world of prostitution, it’s very difficult to find that mixture. That’s why luxury whores profiles aren’t abundant, even among the ones who claim to be luxury whores.  Meeting at the bar area of La Vie en Rose can be the right starting for a perfect date, and it’s also the best way of finding out beforehand a few things of the companion you are about to choose for an special evening.

Ripped off and scammed

There are many web sites and agencies which advertise luxury whores. Sometimes, a client scares to death when instead of getting a date with a luxury escort , the girl who appears is kind of a floozy whore. If you want to make a good impression with your friends, it’s better going for a top-quality place which provides pleasant treatment to clients.

There are a big amount of comments on the Internet posted by unsatisfied clients when they found out the supposedly nice girl they had chosen was actually an old whore like Carmen de Mairena. How awful! You feel you have wasted your time, and you’ve been ripped off.

The same situation can happen in sex. There are whores who affirm to be luxury whores, but then rush to finish as soon as possible and go away with the money. Being a luxury whore involves lots of things.

Luxury whores in all senses

If you survived an experience alike to those which we explained on the previous paragraph, maybe you aren’t prepared to be the target of a sexual services company which is not reliable.

Luxury whores are much more than a breathtaking body. However, it’s true that prostitution clients look for fucking with stunning escorts. They want them to be as dirty-minded in bed as possible, and always ready to do all the practices they are asked for and more. Being a whore is what it is, after all. But being a luxury whore goes beyond the limits of normal whores.

Stunning women are what many men desire, and what few men get.  Maybe they haven’t enough time to seduce girls, or maybe they don’t want to make the effort, if it’s easier paying for it and getting it in less than an hour.

A luxury whore is a stunning woman who takes economic advantage of her gifted body. Classy, polite, educated, good-at-languages escorts who are experts in the different social situations, and also in letting their clients show off in front of their friends; luxury whores know exactly when to take part in a conversation to make their client have a good reputation. This is something you have to pay for. Luxury whores rates are higher than floozy whores ones, no offense to floozy whores but in paid-sex world there are many levels; the higher the levels are, the most rewarded are.

Luxury whores vs. geishas

We have heard a lot about geishas. Are they Japanese luxury whores , but whores after all? In the far and exotic country of the rising sun, they have an over-protective attitude towards their women. In fact, no foreigner is allowed to get into Japanese brothels.

They become geishas after learning how to be one of them in a specialized school for several years. They are good at art, science, singing, music, languages, all sort of entertainment, dancing, telling stories, describing facts. Geishas do not define themselves as whores, and neither their clients do it. In our opinion, they are so blinded because geishas are pretty similar to luxury whores, but pertaining to a millenary culture.  

If geishas haven’t arisen in Barcelona as luxury whores yet, the truth is that Japanese escorts are starting to be seen at high standing web sites as luxury escorts and they are becoming very popular.

In any case, the right and also the most exquisite companions for our most special dates are luxury whores; don’t hesitate to arrange a date at the bar area of La Vie en Rose to know one of them while you have a drink, chat about your hobbies and the nice time you are about to have.

Luxury whores are requested since immemorial times because they are experts in sex and pleasant treatment, they are able to speak the language of the client they are with, and they have breathtaking stunning bodies.

Luxury whores know beforehand what their clients look for in them and they are able to give the best of their bodies and manners. Every inch luxury escorts, and real erupting volcanoes at the same time. They are just what you are looking for. 

29 June 2015  - 

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