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13 June 2014  - 
Luxury room rental per hours at La Vie en Rose

If we must wait, better to do it in a place where we can lie down, relax and watch TV without being disturbed. What if a beautiful escort knocks our door? Far better, then!

The room rental per hour is one of the most demanded services in the market of the most dynamic cities all over the world. The idea of spending the whole 24 hours in a hotel is becoming old fashioned, shadowed by the quick leisure time spending no matter the reason of the visit.

Many people ought to travel a lot and have to spend idle time in train stations and airports coffee shops waiting for their departures. If we must wait, better to do it in a place where we can lie down, relax and watch TV without being disturbed. What if a beautiful lady knocks our door? Far better, then!

La Vie en Rose is amongst the places offering this room rental per hours service. The club is located in the heart of Barcelona city; 
La Vie en Rose offers this quiet-seeking service the client is looking for, to spend his time the way he wants. Even though our world is a small place connected only by a few hours flights, sometimes we have to wait too long for these connections, having a coffee or a soft drink after another, and watching people passing by.

The service La Vie en Rose is offering is highly attractive. If the business world exasperates you making you feel you waste your time sitting on a chair, try to improve your time the best way; no doubt a good relaxing time will help you achieving your goals.

Not only the businessman demands the luxury room rental per hours service, but also all these secret lovers who happen to be in the city, and want to have a good time in a room specially set in the most private atmosphere, carefully designed with all the most exquisite details.

In both cases, all those who call for a luxury room rental per hours service are looking for a haven of peace where they can have their me time and find the desired relaxation, or they can enjoy the secret company of the most wanted lady they are dying to caress and undress.

There is a third case in between the two others we have mentioned above. It is this guy who is looking for a relaxing time, some privacy and sex. In all three cases, the choice of the room rental per hours service in La Vie en Rose is a warranty of total satisfaction.

A perfect atmosphere

What are you looking for? Maybe you will like to have a shower, watching a movie, lying down a comfortable bed and having a glass of champagne, while you are waiting for a luxury escort service. It is a far better plan than wasting your time and energy sitting down in a coffee shop watching people come and go.

The business aim of La Vie en Rose is the room rental per hours service. This means the company is not happy only with the regular standards, it goes further. What do we expect from a place we would like to feel relaxed for a few hours and switch off of the world? Actually, it would be like one of the 7 suites of La Vie en Rose In this luxury place, even the unseen details are thoroughly cared, all in order to stand out amongst 
the best luxury room rental per hours companies in the world.

Have you ever heard of chromotherapy? This therapy works in our brains making them react in a pleasant way when they receive the colours' spectrum through our sight. That is why green, fuchsia, orange and violet colours lighten up smoothly our suites. The human brain reacts with the sight of the different colours segregating relaxing and pleasant chemical reactions. This explains the good feelings one can have when stepping into the luxury rooms in La Vie en Rose.

But the chromotherapy design would be worthless if there was not a well-cared hygiene policy. The rooms are sanitized after each client's use, so the following client can enjoy it like a brand new suite, always with a nice temperature and designed with the sweetest decoration. The client can enjoy the wide showers and bathtubs with hydromassage before lying on the comfortable bed to watch a movie or to listen to music if he likes.

Health care is a strong point in La Vie en Rose policies, the escorts who are renting the rooms get medical tests very often and they always use the adequate means to avoid any STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease). The suites are always equipped with condoms. There is an option for the clients to undergo voluntarily the hygiene tests for their personal safety and hygiene.

Not in vain, the company was the first is Spain to earn the ISO 90001 standards certification because of its premises' quality standards. There is no other place so client-oriented for the maximum pleasure like La Vie en Rose.

Luxury escorts in luxury rooms

The final topping of the cake is to have the company of a stunning luxury escort, who will make you feel relaxed and will work her guts out to give you physical and mental pleasure. Besides being sex professionals, these ladies are also proficient in relaxation techniques like erotic massage -this technique does not have to end up in sexual intercourse, but it is a perfect stress and bad mood killer- in case the client has had a long day.

La Vie en Rose is definitely the luxury rooms per hour best option because of its atmosphere and know how, a guarantee of your satisfaction and, for sure, you will come back very soon. 

13 June 2014  - 

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