Luxury High. Interview Roxi

08 May 2014  - 
An interview with Roxi, an escort from Barcelona

“When these things happen, you do what all women would like to do; although if they tried, they would be called names like whore, whether got paid for it or not”.

Why do we say escort instead of whore?
In the end it is the same concept, it is all about paid sex with many men every week; however what comes around an escort and what comes around a whore, as we usually call her, it is not the same at all. Escort means companion, she is a lady who gets hired to spend a time with a gentleman, to accompany him, she offers more than a whore; it may seem hard to see the difference, but this is the way it is.

Are you and your colleagues luxury escorts?
Yes, we are. Because, apart of our broad experience in the customer's sexual satisfaction, we offer something else, for instance we can be the client's lady companion for an intimate dinner date or a supper with him and other gentlemen.

It looks like cinema fiction.
Yes, but truth is stranger than fiction. Some clients call me because they want a lady companion for lunches and dinners they want or ought to be accompanied, however they don't have anyone to go with. I have a large wardrobe with all sorts of clothing for all occasions, although I love wearing black lace underwear.

What makes La Vie en Rose a high-standing club?

I have been working in La Vie en Rose for a couple of years and there is no rival amongst other clubs. Many of them advertise the luxury escorts as companions, but the girls actually are not ready to be the perfect escort for any occasion and at the same time be able to satisfy the client's needs with stunning bodies. The hygiene is a very important matter in La Vie en Rose; as a matter of fact, my colleagues and I pass the health control very often and there has never been any problems. The clients can also pass this control if they want it. The room's hygiene is essential as well, there is always a brand new condom nearby, there are showers for washing oneself, etc. A high-standing nightclub is not only a name, it has to be real, and La Vie en Rose is real.

Could you tell us a date where you were required to give a high-standing escort service?
I have more than one date involving expensive whims and luxury. High class escorts in Barcelona are lucky to be living and working in a capital with international congresses, important sports events, business meetings, lots of people passing by, etc. In these occasions I have always brought the best of me up, both in savoir faire and sexual matters. In that occasion some colleagues and myself were called due to a very important congress -the entire world knows about- in order to be the executive gentlemen's lady companions, who would be signing contracts the whole day and who would want to go out for dinner at night. We were specifically asked for luxury high-standing escort services. There were four gentlemen from different countries each one, and we met at La Vie en Rose bar so we could have a drink and go for dinner later.

What was the impression they had when they met you?
They were really happy, it was obvious they liked us because they asked for champagne at the very second and started to talk to us and cravingly touch us. There was no beforehand coupling, we simply chatted and each one of them chose the lady escort he liked the most. We were a group of eight people, we had dinner at a very expensive place, we spoke in English, we laughed, they talked about their trips, their sour lives always thinking about work and the wish they had to retire in an island with us. They said “eating, drinking and fucking all day long”. The gentleman I was with was mature but very attractive and he couldn't stop meddling under my dress, he squeezed my thigh and controlled himself not to embarrass himself. They were the typical executive guys, they were really polite with us, they asked for really expensive meals and they brought us a present for each one. It was sooner than later we were already in La Vie en Rose rooms.

What happened once you got to the nightclub?
They wanted an orgy fuck, so four of us went to one room and the other four went to another room. The gentleman I was with fucked me straightforwardly, he was so horny he didn't even want to have a blowjob; I didn't have to barely touch him, he was the type of guy who likes to stick it in point-blank, catching me out; maybe he did it simply to turn the other couple on. My colleague kneeled in front of her guy, who couldn't stop watching us, took his dick out his trousers and stuck it in her mouth and she started sucking it. My guy left me and kneeled by my colleague and she started sucking his dick up as well. As I was asked I put the harness on and began fucking her by her asshole. She was the one who really was enjoying it from the four of us! Later, I took the harness off and placed myself in front of her to have my cunt sucked. One of the clients fucked her from behind and she came while the other one was watching and then they swapped. Definitely an all out, high-standing, luxury -or what you'll like to call it- sexual party, these ones you will never forget.

So a luxury escort really enjoys her job
Not always, but when these things happen, you do what all women would like to do; although if they tried, they would be called names like whore, whether they got paid for it or not. In my case, as I am already named whore, I only enjoy it. (laughs).

08 May 2014  - 

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