Latin escorts practices: The end of the boring and onerous face to face posture

23 September 2014  - 
Sexual practices of the Latin escorts

When someone is looking for an escort, the word “Latin” jumps up immediately. It means hot girls, stunning bodies and soft accents; because the Latin world embraces many countries competing in beauty and seduction.


Generally speaking, when we surf on a website specialized in whores or prostitutes' adverts around the area, the words the girls use are escort, companion or call-girl, followed by the feature that makes them different from the others. Very often, whores in Barcelona describe themselves as luxury whores or luxury escorts depending on their skills; some other girls, like the independent escorts or the adaptable escorts, define their services as freelance girls who do not work for an agency, as well as their availability times to attend the clients' demands; we also can read uni girl escort, very young escort or senior escort, mentioning indirectly their age in the ad.

Whores in Barcelona use all kinds of attributes to give an idea of their style and methods to the potential client, as well as their physical appearance and their homeland. For instance, Latin escorts come from many countries; they are usually Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican Republic, Colombian or Uruguayan girls.


The hottest woman on earth

There is a competition for the hottest woman on earth legend award amongst all these countries. Who do you like the most? Could you choose between a dark-skinned Brazilian beauty and a round-hipped Cuban lady? It might be a quite difficult choice. The whores in Barcelona stereotype is leaded by the Latin escorts; nowadays there are plenty of Latin call-girls as well as Spanish prostitutes.

Prostitution in Barcelona is offering the client sexual encounters with a wide range of girls coming from many countries. It may be the closeness of our country with South America, the same language and the linked history, or it may be because the Latin girls are spectacular, but the typical client of prostitutes in Barcelona is looking for the horniest one thousand postures practices and all the X services offered.


The seductive looks

These whores in Barcelona's bodies are triggering the desire in all the guys who browse the website to look at the girls. They have rounded-shaped bodies and soft skins. They have cat-like, usually big dark piercing eyes, and they kiss with fleshy rosy lips. Their usually long shiny hair is worn with class over their shoulders, something the client loves crazily and passionately.

They are petite escorts, not too tall, but they mend it with a waddling cat-like walking style or when they dance in a breath-taking way. The I-don't-know-what that usually attracts men is their smooth and delicate accent, as well as their fine, very feminine flirty voices. Latin escorts are definitely a pack of good attributes that cause many reactions wherever they go.


Their sexual skills

Latin whores offer all kinds of services. We can highlight the condomless blowjob or bareback blowjob, a blowjob with no condom; the cumshot blowjob, the client gets a blowjob until cums into the escort's mouth; the titty blowjob, the client gets his cock hold by the escort's boobies; anal sex, the client introduces his cock into the escort's anus; or pegging , a sexual practice we particularly like to talk about because of its original concept, the escort fastens a belt with a dildo stuck in it and fucks the client or another escort.


Light SM

One of the most demanded practices are the SM related ones. Some prostitutes offer in their services lists something called “light SM”, they play more a fantasies role-play, dressing up and used objects games, instead of pain-linked games or causing actual pain. Let's remember that sadomasochism is a sexual game, defined as a paraphilia because it is something awkward to enjoy, the fact of being humiliated and to humiliate. In any case, it is a very rich in codes and timings practice, yet someone cannot become mistress or slave in half an hour, but both members should know each other and should communicate to each other until where they want to experience it. Never the submissive can feel attacked, because when he cannot bear the pain any more, he will cry out a key word that will make the mistress stop.

Because of this sexual game complicity and complexity, some whores offer this practice in a reduced version, in which this intimacy level is not needed, and there is probably more sexual contact; yet in the SM practices, sometimes there is no intimate contact, perhaps no contact at all, because sometimes the submissive is not allowed to touch, even to look, at his mistress.


Threesomes with couples

This a increasingly demanded practice, since many gentlemen do not enjoy sex only with a whore, but need to enjoy it with their wives as well. It can become otherwise, the lady wants to experience Lesbian sex and tells the husband to call for a professional woman's services. It is important to contact a prostitute who likes to intimate with ladies, like a bisexual escort, because being a whore does not also mean being a lesbian.


Fantasies and fancy dressing

The most creative and playful prostitutes offer in their lists the cross-dressing and fancy dressing services. Most clients feel great pleasure when they experience a different sexual  game, maybe with a spectacular nurse, a horny police woman or a Greek vestal virgin. The fancy dressing is not only involving the prostitute, but very often is the client who wants to dress up as a whore enjoying sex like a bitch, perhaps between two prostitutes with dildos and plenty of lubricant gel.

We can confirm that paying for the prostitutes in Barcelona's services does not mean to practice the boring and onerous face to face posture, because they are offering a wide range of fantasies and practices that must be enjoyed like hell. From fancy dressing, to the most abstract concepts, everything can become a lovely experience that will take us away from the daily routine.

23 September 2014  - 

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