Interview with Gemma

24 April 2014  - 
An interview with Gemma, a mature escort from Barcelona

Why calling you instead of a younger escort?

In this profession we soon put the adjective of mature but here the aspect of the age is advancing age too fast. Mature in another sector would be fifty years old but as a companion is much earlier. Moreover, experience is a very important and typical in a 
mature escort in Barcelona.

What do you mean by “experience”?

Obviously in this job workers are fucking all we can and more, even so, mature can deliver more quality than 
younger girls simply because they have fucked much less than older women. To all you get, but right now I am able to give more satisfaction than a girl in her twenties.

Apart from the obvious sexual satisfaction, what else can you offer to a customer to meet a mature escort in Barcelona?

Here, there are many customers who need an escort to accompany hit to a dinner, in a professional evening, don’t know, things like that. Many of these clients are middle-aged and even elderly so they don’t’ want to go to the event accompanied by a young girl, because the relationship between them becomes known, so the client chooses a 
companion in Barcelona who keeps better appearances. Another point for us is the conversations, because of experience, we know more than those a few years younger. We are able to follow a conversation about politics, for example, without talking nonsense. Some more than others, but overall it is like this.

In conclusion, does it mean that this is a more mature date?

Indeed. We'll fuck a long time and to the fullest, but we also are perfect in certain situations with other people and we’ll employ better sexual tactics. It is said, the devil knows more for being old than for devil. Something like that.

How is your life as a companion in Barcelona?

Since a long time ago I work in this, is not always an easy or comfortable life but for me it has many advantages. Before you devote to being escort I was well connected but not so now. It's amazing how many people are related to this world, people with money, powerful, with very good positions. Sometimes I go to parties that otherwise I wouldn’t go: evening dress, champagne, tuxedo...

It looks like a fairy tale...

Not at all. It's hard being an 
escort in Barcelona, and also totally different from other jobs. It is a professional level, but is mixed with the intimate one because the client often spend much time talking about himself, his problems, is passed , he just wants to be heard , to be understood , sometimes even he wants to be given advice. An escort also offers privacy, but only physically.

Is this another advantage of a mature escort in Barcelona?

Yes, for sure, it is one of the greatest advantages that a mature escort knows better to give advice to an older man than one who is not.

What services we can find in your listing?

All the necessary and more! My clients speak for me; since I began the business I have always had it. Let me tell you, as a suggestion I would say that what I like is sucking a cock for a long time, 
deep throat, you know, and facial. I mean, I like it when they cum on my face. Many have told me I'm the best, I have practice, apart from that much stuff but I prefer disclosing my secrets to someone who wants to try them.

Could you tell us a special experience you remember?

A lot of them are coming to my mind, but if I had to choose one that would be one day when two couples came to me. They had gone out; they were drunk and really enjoying the night. They were foreigners, Swedish, very handsome and pretty. They went to the 
bar of La Vie en Rose and drinks were ordered. It was weekend and the brothel was very lively. I went to them because they looked so funny that I did not want to miss it. Also it is not usual to see women her, I like women as well, so we started to chat for a while. They were very hot because I played with their cock over trousers and the women were wet…. They were very comfortable, with no worries, unthinkable between Spanish couples, but they were there, groping each other, with all of them and them to me. I suggested going to a deluxe room and enjoying a great party. They were lying on the bed with one of the women while I was stand up with the other woman, so they could see us. I touched her breasts and sucked the nipples, my hands touched her legs and they got under her G-string. I got very horny when I saw them looking at us, but they stop looking and began to suck the woman who was on the bed. She was with her legs open and two men eating her pussy, the woman who was with me sat on the edge of the bed and I started to eat her pussy; suddenly I had one of the men fucking me from behind, the other couple was also fucking. There was a time when I only saw cum sliding and fluids flow through the skin. One of the men took my feather boa and asked me to fuck him with a harness with a silicone cock. He wanted to enjoy without taboos and he did it, like me. I will never forget that part; I admit I did a little damage on purpose, like so many times they do to me, but he liked it. I never did it before, I loved that was all so natural, only happens with free people.

People released and also mature.

Exactly, they live sex differently, as it should be, open and experimental.

24 April 2014  - 

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