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04 August 2014  - 
Interview with an exotic escort in Barcelona

“My bareback blowjob, with no condom and cumshot, is amazing”

The middle of the hottest season of the year is now, how is summer going?

I have been recently working as a prostitute in Barcelona in La Vie en Rose; I come from the Balkans and I can only say I am really happy and working a lot.

What kind of client is visiting you in this hot time of the year?

Actually, lots of tourists, as well as working gentlemen, either visitors from abroad or residents in Barcelona, who are looking for a good time spending with an exotic girl like me. Sometimes I have appointments with tourists, they come with friends and book appointments with other girls and myself. On one side, we have lots of the old sexual and 
stag parties bookings; and on the other side, we have this less frequent booking type, the client sneaking out half an hour from a family holiday trip, only to get what he really wants. I get all kinds of bookings, in summertime I get the major variety. I love working in July and August, it is a non-stop working season for me.

Can you describe your working week?

I start my day working out. I like getting up early and looking after my body, because it has to be beautiful and fit in order to offer an excellent service to the client. Some clients like curvy bodies, others like the hair, others prefer a nice skin, but all of them want pretty boobs and bum [laughter], so it is essential to do some exercise if you want to be a good 
high class escort in Barcelona . Later on, I check up on my schedule to look up to my daily bookings and the weekend bookings prevision. In summer, I get more evening bookings, and full overnight bookings, the client calls for a night out for dinner, drinks and clubbing, ending at La Vie en Rose, for instance.

What do you usually do in an evening booking?

Sometimes we meet up for drinks in a Barcelona beach terrace bar, or around the area. The truth is, lots of clients are more relaxed because their work slows down at this time of the year, and they would rather enjoying the appointment going out with the luxury escort, ending up in bed having fulfilled all their hottest fantasies. I love pleasing men, and a longer date is funnier, there is plenty of time for deeper conversation and laughter, for less rush and more time to learn about the clients' interests, and for his arousal simply talking about the way he wants the blowjob and my hips shake. The longer the appointment, the better.

So, better quality than quantity?

Yes, I think so. Speaking as call girl to hotels or 
call girl to homes, it is better a longer appointment, because the client can be slowly aroused since our first meeting, delaying the plain and stark sex in bed. Sometimes there is no chance, but it should be. The client gets more satisfaction, because he has had a great time in the room with me naked only for him, as well as going out talking with a girl like me.

You have mentioned before you offer a groups service. Can you explain this type of booking?

For example, the stag parties are still very in. There are more naïve stag parties, but in La Vie en Rose can go from a simple 
striptease, a bar dance, laughter and drinks with the guys, or they can begin with the mentioned activities ending up in a sexual party. I have taken part in a couple of these last ones, since I have been working in this club, and they have been really successful, the clients left very happy.

In the first occasion, there were five guys, the groom and four friends, who wanted to give him a proper stag party, in private but wild, nobody had to know about it, only them. They went out for dinner and later on we met in the parties lounge. There were four of us -girls-, they wanted to have sex in threesome, two boys and a girl, so they needed less ladies. We started dancing on the bar with music stripping our clothes off, and they loved it, it was great because they were handsome and funny. We grabbed the groom and unbuttoned his shirt and trousers.

Two of us stayed with him, giving him a threesome 
duplex service -two escorts for the same guy only touching him, not between the two girls-. His friends were watching with their mouths open, and the other two girls went with them. A girl was blowjobbing one of the guys and the other guy was fucking her asshole; the other girl was getting undressed by the other two guys. It was a super intense party time, they left really satisfied as well as ourselves. I love working with polite, handsome and funny gentlemen.

It looks like the perfect stag party all men dream of.

Yes, probably most guys would love a stag party like that. I think it is a great way to become a married man, although the man who tries our services, always comes back for more and wants to meet all the escorts, 
uni girls escortssenior escortsSpanish escorts, luxury escorts; there is a large variety of girls and services like drinks, sexual parties, SM, etc. Single or married men always want to come back.

Can you tell us your best special service?

My best special service is the 
bareback blowjob with cumshot. I love it, and I am well-known amongst my clients because of it. My greatest satisfaction is watching how it drives crazy my client, how he loves it. Giving pleasure to men with my mouth is my strong point. They ask for it a lot, because my bareback blowjob, with no condom and cumshot, is amazing.

04 August 2014  - 

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