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On our beloved blog, we only talk about interesting subjects like how to be unforgettable for all your lovers, not because of snoring, but because of fucking. We will make a little abstract about the advices we gave men and women when it comes to sleeping with someone and leave him amazed. If your partner still feels the orgasm you gave him the day before, then we are doing it right!

Although we know you are willing to read about pussies and dicks, we are also writing about the spiritual part of it, which is as important the physical part to have an unforgettable sex sesh.

Connection, a key aspect

Connecting is a key aspect to get a pleasant shag. We need to connect to our partner through our energies, not only through Whatsapp. Many people would think this is nonsensical, but that statement is far from reality.

Many sex professionals such as escorts in Barcelona  from all nationalities have confirmed that “my best clients meet me to fuck, but also to talk, I’m who listen to them, comfort them and fuck them.”

We have talked to sluts in Barcelona to know their opinion, but we have also talked to their biggest fans: their clients. They are clear about what to get from escorts; they like to sleep with these gorgeous hot-blooded girls, but they also like to laugh, chat and enjoy some drinks with them, sex is very important, but feeling comfortable and relaxed in escorts’ company, too.

The importance of connecting with someone to feel comfortable while having sex

Not all connections are easy. How many times did we try to approach someone who got away from us?

No, connecting isn’t easy; that’s why many people think it isn’t necessary for a date, so you’d better fuck. We agree, but fuck right, so we must connect.

Pussies, those big strangers

To many men, pussies are only what they watch in porn movies. Unfortunately, they take seriously what those movies show without understanding that life is better enjoyed face to face and without having to fake your orgasms.

Everybody wants to get a real orgasm. Remember it and your lovers will call you back again and again. If you don’t get called back, then you know you weren’t as good as you could be.

Most escorts say that after fucking for a few minutes, your pussy gets itchy. Although in porn movies actors fuck for half an hour, you should know that this is only a recreation, actors get breaks between filming one take and the next one.

Wetness is essential, if a pussy isn’t wet, then that means it isn’t ready. It isn’t getting wet probably because of lack of self confidence, lack of connection, or sexual repression.That is why oral sex and a good connection between sex partners are so important.

Pussies are much more than what you think. It includes clitoris, vagina and an intermediate area called U-spot. Every independent part of it can lead women to orgasm without having to touch the other parts. Practice with your tongue, awake your imagination and explore feminine pleasure.

Dicks, much more than blowing

The same that porn movies reduce women’s sexuality to eternal vaginal sex, they also reduce dick’s pleasure to its glans. The escorts we have talked to recommend to “massage erotically their balls and lick them unhurriedly; the whole dick is a pleasurable area, but it doesn’t mean we only have to blow up and downwards, we should also use our tongue and hands, and forget about copying porn movies we have watched on the Internet. Every man likes it different.”

Men’s G-spot is placed inside their ass, although many men don’t want to admit it. This is the reason why one of the star services performed by escorts in Barcelona is rimming -aka annalingus. It consists of licking your partner’s arsehole. Think about it, you should ask for it, too and don’t miss such a forbidden and pleasing service.

Spunk for everyone

Women ejaculate like men. Don’t think that having a cock makes men the only suitable sex to get your spunk all over your lover’s face. If your sex partner has already ejaculated thanks to you, it means you are very skilled. How can we make a woman ejaculate? Easy, we have to lick U-spot, touch G-spot with, or put your dick in in the right way. Try it for yourself.

Escorts say that clients like CIF (cum in face) blowjob, it obviously consists of spilling your spunk all over the escort’s face; they also like CIM (cum in mouth) blowjobs. Unless you are a regular client of an escort and have a close relation with her, it is difficult to find someone who is up to perform this service because there’s a high risk for her to get a STD (sexually transmitted disease).

Endless orgasms

Women are able to get endless orgasms. They can get one orgasm right after the other without having to rest. Men orgasm and then rest. But, that rest time is perfect to focus on your sex partner and make her orgasm until you are ready for the next one. If she gets 6 or more orgasms, she’ll be quite happy. There aren’t women who aren’t multiorgasmic, only bad lovers. 

07 September 2016  - 

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