There are many women who want to sleep with other women. One of the best ways to put it into practice is to hire an escort who offers lesbian among her list of services.

06 May 2017  - 

Homosexuality has ceased to be taboo in our society, now sexuality has begun to be lived freely as far as liking and choices go. Why do some old-fashioned people insist on saying other people who can they sleep with or how to live as a couple?

There are many women who want to sleep with other women. The only way to taste what they feel attracted for is to confess their desires to their couple, so they can consider to make them come true. One of the best ways to put it into practice is to hire an escort who offers lesbian among her list of services.

Escorts can be an unrivalled option when we want to go through the path of our partner’s fantasies with another woman, without forgetting about discretion, hygiene and professionalism.

Woman vs woman

In certain way, it seems that most women act in a stealthy way and live their fantasies without anyone noticing. The percentage of women that confess to have had sexual relations with another woman is surprising: at a poll conducted in the USA points at 43% of the participants.

In a Society in which people act, not only speak or think, but act freely, each one should be able to enjoy sex with whomever they want, man or woman, without having to put a tag on themselves, although if they do it should also be accepted.

What’s certainly true is that, Western countries are increasingly tolerant to what’s outside the norm and see a need to back everything that is different, as long as it’s respectful.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a world without sexual repression in which a woman could choose a bed companion, male or female, without the fear of being judged or a man could enjoy daily escorts without being judged?. In the end, it’s a job for all, although the law opens the way and makes it easier undoubtedly, which explains why the acceptance of homosexuals went from 6% in 2007 to 88% nowadays.

A revealing poll in the USA

How would you feel if your boss was openly homosexual or bisexual? And what if your supervisor was, to herself and to the world, a lesbian? Do you think a person can choose to be homosexual or heterosexual if they set their minds to it? Do you agree with the discrimination of everything that doesn’t walk through the heterosexual path?

Questions like this have been launched at a poll to find out the degree of acceptance homosexuality enjoys within the majority of the North American population and, even more importantly, to know the repercussion of the measures of the states’ governments regarding LGTB policy (Lesbian Gay Transexual Bisexual). Fortunately, the idea of discrimination and fear towards this wide collective diminishes as egalitarian laws break through.

What would happen if it wasn’t an attitude of respect towards another sexual orientation but just a fear to openly display how backward one can be?

Thanks to the poll implemented by NBER, this week we have conclusive answers to all these questions. Society is more tolerant towards what deviates from “normality” or is just camouflaging?

It’s still hard coming out of the closet

The poll was done online with the intent of giving total freedom and privacy to the participants’ answers. The questions where aimed at detecting the level of homosexuality’s acceptance and, going even further, reveal homosexual tendencies. The questions were set in a direct manner to a group (do you consider yourself heterosexual?) and indirectly to another.

It seems irrelevant but those two ways of asking clarified the lack of honesty in the answers when asked about their behavior and beliefs.

Of those asked directly, only an 11% of the population said they didn’t consider themselves heterosexual (8% men and 16% women), while among those asked indirectly and with an anonymous answer method, 19% said they didn’t consider themselves heterosexual ( 15% men and 22% women).

Among those asked directly if they had ever had a sexual experience with someone of the same sex, 17% said yes (12 men and 24% women); while among those who were asked indirectly 27% answered affirmatively (17% men and 43% women).

When asked directly, even on an anonymous way, the participant minimizes their behavior and homosexual preference. When asked about their attitude towards a homosexual, they tend to emphasize how much they accept a homosexual.

Using the indirect method, the percentage of people who didn’t support homosexual marriage increased 4%; the participants who wouldn’t like to have a boss belonging to the LGTB collective increased to an 11% and those who those a person can change their sexual orientation if they want to decreased from a 22% to a 15%.

Spain, leading the acceptance of homosexuality

88% of Spaniards asked are in favor of a greater integration of homosexuals, one of the higher percentages in the world. In other countries like Nigeria homosexuals are less fortunate as the level of acceptance is of 1%.

06 May 2017  - 

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