Hollywood: the Mecca of cinema and escorts

14 September 2015  - 
Hollywood: the Mecca of cinema and escorts

Every year, thousands men and women go to Hollywood hoping to be discovered by a bigwig of cinema or modeling world. Many cool people and few relevant jobs make this atmosphere be one of the most competitive in the world.

While you take part of castings, you have to work to pay rent and food. Hollywood newcomers will be happy to attend even a casting for a TV advert. Other candidates accept entering escort agencies world to live better while they go from one to another casting; sometimes, becoming an escort is the best way to reach the most important directors and producers.

Agency escorts and stars

One of the most renowned escort agencies director in Hollywood has admitted in many interviews that her list of escorts and whores is pretty large. Although most of them aren’t famous, the truth is there are some of them who actually are famous; in fact, there are several top models in her list. Contacts and huge amounts of money are the two main reasons for a candidate actress to start working at this kind of high standing agencies.

What about the list of clients of these escorts and whores? It is very wide, indeed. There are around 10,000 names related to cinema industry, powerful people and stars of the big screen.

In addition to earn a big amount of money, if escorts know how to use their gifts, they could count on new contacts to reach her dream to be an actress. Dating the most renowned stars in the world means the escorts will earn between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars an hour. They are usually hired for three hours, which means a very attractive amount in exchange for short working day.

This works in both directions. Luxury escorts can become top models and top models can become escorts again. For instance, a model can earn around 30,000 dollars for a TV spot by L’Oreal; money that can disappear in one week if the model doesn’t know how to administrate it, has a drug addiction, or is a shopaholic. In those cases, famous top models come back to the agency to work as escorts or luxury whores again.

Film stars... of porn

As time goes by, things get better for those who arrived in Hollywood dreaming of being renowned actors one day when they visit the studios near their main objective, San Fernando Valley, the Mecca of porn movies.

It is not a coincidence that both studios are nearby.

Prostitution in career beginnings

There are many stars who have collaborated with escorts agencies or have filmed a porn movie before fulfilling their dreams. Some names are pretty renowned and include Sylvester Stallone, Hale Berry, Brad Pitt, or Sharon Stone. The subtle line which differentiates both jobs is protected by film producers; who take care of their stars, so their fame, privacy and intimacy aren’t endangered by this kind of business. Let’s see some legendary escorts and movie whores examples.

Rachel Welch was a sex symbol when she played a role on One Million Years B.C. back in the sixties. Before becoming a star, she worked as a luxury escort, after trying working as a waitress and dancer. Her attractiveness made her be PlayBoy cover star in 1979.

Tony Danza was a renowned actor in the eighties who had caught the attention of a luxury whore friend of the best movie producers. It was put about that Danza got naked at parties and other social events.

Brad Pitt didn’t enjoy himself at all before gaining fame with Dallas in the eighties. He had come from Missouri with only a hundred bugs in his pocket. He went to a casting directed by a gay screenwriter who didn’t have a role for Pitt, so he was finally hired up as a butler at the screenwriter mansion, where Brad was at his beck and call.

Joan Collins was a renowned name in England back in the fifties, then she moved to the United States and started over again. Her luxury escort, or luxury whore career leaded her to meet some Hollywood directors. It is said that she even got to be the escort of King Fahd from Saudi Arabia.

Al Pacino got fame with his role on The Godfather. However, when he arrived in Hollywood, he survived thanks to selling his body, then he turned back to Italy, his born country, where, according to his declarations to New York Post newspaper, “when I was 20 years old, I lived in Sicilia selling the only thing I had: my body. An old woman feeded and hosted me in exchange for sex.”

Some time after, he went back to the States, but he still had a hard situation: he hadn’t a house to live, nor food. It isn’t clear how he survived before becoming a film star.

Sophia Loren was a sex symbol as important as Marilyn Monroe. Loren worked as a prostitute in her born city during the Second World War pleasing American soldiers. Hunger in her family forced her into that situation; she was a plain teen, very thin, which is pretty common in a war. Some still remember her under the pseudonym “The Pleasant”.

Being a big screen or catwalk star is many people’s dream. Some achieve it, although they have been escorts or porn actors before. It looks like sex is the key to enter this world. 

14 September 2015  - 

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