The Government in China decides the future of the brandy industry after a cleanup campaign

02 May 2014  - 
The Government in China decides the future of the brandy industry after a cleanup campaign

The Chinese Government cleanup campaign against “the three vices” will strike dramatically the brandy business; to legalize gambling, drugs and whore business is no such a bad idea if there is a negative impact in different business’ sectors.

Since this New Year the Chinese Government has been carrying out more severely the drastic measures in cleanup matters they call “the three vices” (gambling, drugs and whore business) and this is spreading lots of corpses along the way, literally speaking, one of them might being the brandy business. The analyst experts have announced lately if the aggressive cleanup keeps going, this business might be seriously damaged.

In China, bars and karaokes are in many occasions the places where illicit affairs such prostitution, whore business and other illegal sexual activities in the Asiatic country are carried out. The smash in the so called “yellow sector” has implemented actions to stop the “gifts” to the politician’s wantonness as well as their corruption and it did close down 2,400 whorehouses and such in six days since it started the 10th of February 2014.

Due to this action, luxury items’ shops have been severely handicapped by all the censorship over the “gifts”; it has worried the analyst experts about the drink business, especially luxury brandy makers’ trade who would be strained because of the whore business strike.

Trevor Stirling, market analyst expert, in a CNBC radio interview said that the top quality sellers usually show their clients the highest-end brandies and these, feeling tempted, end up buying the products.

He also said, although the whorehouses are closed, they soon may open apparently in a different way; however the brandy business will be compromised since most of the drinkers cannot show up because they break the law, and this will be a higher and long term detriment for the business. From now on, people will be afraid of showing up in the brothels because they know a police raid can happen at any time.

The analyst experts talk about the brandy business negative impact but the vodka trade might be affected as well. Euromonitor mentions LVMH’s Hennessey, Pernod Richard’s Martell and Rémy Cointreau’s Rémy Martin have the 94% of their market share in China. Rémy Cointreau gets from the ultra premium Louis XIII cognac a 50% of profit only from China.

The “three vices” strike would affect the brandy business the current year however it might bounce back the next year, which are great news given the high sales in the Asiatic giant.

The excessive presents: “Minor gifts”

What the rest of the world call excessive presents, Chinese -and worldwide- politicians say simply “minor gifts”.

Backhand businesses in luxury products, for instance diamonds and gold thread embroidery lingerie worth 500,000€, or brandy bottles worth 100,000€, are prosecuted by the Chinese government, a probably former client who enjoyed all these items with no measure.

Nowadays this cleanup campaign meddles and prosecutes an industry that will affect the economic growth in about 7,5% in Chinese Government predictions.

Whereas the hammer over the whore business is thought to be lifted up soon, the sting over the spirit drinks is driven on the high-middle classes, those wannabe and show-off kinds. Maybe most of them have been needy and starving, as well as despised because of their humble condition; now their time have come and they were cheek by jowl with the truly rich ones, the Government decides to clean up the society. WTF! They might think…

Won’t it be simply the rich ones didn’t want the middle classes to become “high”?

China wants to set an example

Yes, China wants to be a model to the whole world. The country has done it several times before and the first true “victims” have been themselves. Well, obviously the ordinary Chinese population, never the Government members.

The Chinese Government wants to set an example to the Chinese population. In the old days, Daddy Mao had the great idea to do the Great Leap in the sixties in order to lecture his people about the ironworks in China forgetting to seed the fields and fill the citizens’ storeroom with food which killed 70 million Chinese population of starvation. “We are too many!” Daddy Mao might have been dreaming during his nap in the Forbidden City, the Emperor’s city-palace.

Another Mao’s highlight was the Cultural Revolution, we still don’t know how many were killed, but the hatred and death strike was monumental. Daddy Mao lectured them again “if you are not with me, you are against me, so… I kill you”.

Chinese Government constantly campaigns against Capitalism and Occident. Probably they blame us for “the three vices” and want to give a blowing example to those who approach the occidental decadence, as they believe; however they only attack the “wannabe high-class” middle-class by taking them the brandy away.

And, as usual, the whores and escorts suffer the worst part with no protection from anyone, as if they were the owners of the luxury and huge whorehouses and brothels. It would be a better idea to implement legalization and organizational politics over this industry and its management, as well as the drug industry, the alcohol industry and the luxury items industry.

The politicians should focus on the legalization of all the prostitution and whore business and kind and forget the lecturing measures they pretend to give to the country and worldwide citizens, because it is well-known the first in “washing the sex with women”, drinking brandy and eating pork at all times was the Mao himself.


02 May 2014  - 

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