Girls for a trio

12 August 2016  - 
Girls for a trio

Let’s start with a couple of girls for a trio

Erotic fantasies, sexual fantasies; fantasies we visualize where there are no limits, our minds. Miles of words have been written about them. Which is one of the most dreamed of? Of course, going out at night, meeting two girls for a trio, preferably stunning, and ending the evening with them, fuck as if there was no tomorrow and receive only pleasure from these ladies: blow jobs, Greek, snapping them up!

To what extent do we talk about our fantasies to our partners? Is it convenient to open our mouth and ask for a good pair of girls for a trio? Would it be better to give a shout to La vie en rose and do it discreetly?

All against all

Opening your mouth and talking about your fantasies is often a men’s thing. We are used to talking about our sexual life and the more we tell the better, it seems as, if you don’t fuck you’re an idiot. That’s why we tell plenty of lies to look good in front of our mates and so on.

Women do more stuff than men but talk less about it. No all of those who come to La vie en rose are lonely men or accompanied by a woman looking for girls for a trio. Women also make use of sexual vices and fuck like bitches but, keeping their mouth shut. They keep to themselves who they fuck. Clever ones!

Swinger clubs are the best places to freely fuck anonymously with more than one companion accomplice of its wetter desires. In those clubs sex is an all against all, girls for a trio falls short. Why three in bed when it could be seven?

The super pussy

We say super pussy because it truly is super. It’s possible to enjoy orgasm after orgasm as if they were a string of garlic. That’s why, for a shag-happy female, the girls for a trio is a mere preparation for the sexual party. They all have a super pussy but not all of them are aware of its potential. Like one who has a Lamborghini and never sets it to maximum speed. What a shame! From our dear blog we encourage everyone to set their fantasies free, try an evening with a couple of girls for a trio, find out if their boyfriends or husbands join them in their erotic dreams and if not, have their cake and eat it, life is too short and sex among consenting adults one of life´s pleasures taken away from us by countless hours of work, taboos and machismo.

Looking for girls for a trio or a couple of guys and letting passion flow can be one of the best therapies to break out of boredom and repression but, watch out! Not every day.

Girls for a trio: Russian escorts and Brazilian escorts

One of the regulars at La vie en rose tells us about the fantasy that was in his mind and the great day he made it true. “I was crazy about being with two girls for a trio. One very white and blond and the other brunette with dark skin. I had been with Russian escorts and Brazilian luxury escorts before and I’ve had a blast. Now I wanted to have it all at the same time, both for myself. A night with them with all the treats and luxuries. We met in one of the luxury suites and we had a bottle of champagne. The three of us had a fabulous time, they were stunning and real bitches in bed”.

So what happens if we get hooked on supreme fantasies and we do them very often? Mouthfuls of maximum pleasure cannot be taken every day, but one must have them.

XXX fantasies and a partner

The fantasy of another client at La Vie was to fuck dressed as a doctor with a pair of girls for a trio dressed as sexy nurses. How to tell his wife? He talked to a sexologist and she advised him to go step by step, maybe his wife agrees or not; she could end up screaming at him, who the fuck did I marry?

Careful. Fantasies are fun in our mind but maybe not so much in our partner’s mind. “Tell her little by little, throw a hint at her to see what she thinks of making out with another girl”. And one night they went out for dinner and he insisted on taking his wife to a club for a drink and there, at that time of night when one hardly see, a couple of girls started to make out right in front of his eyes.

With a hard on and happy to expose his wife to the erotic image of the babes making up. “They could be perfect as girls for a trio”, he thought and believed that the best way to ask for his wife’s opinion was to kiss her and get her horny so she would be more permissive and not so stiff.  

“Are those two making up what’s making you horny?” asked his wife and he said no, you are giving me a hard on. “Good, because I only like you” his wife answered.

He went home very horny and they had a good shag, he tells us, but she didn’t give him the slightest sign of being into the girls for a trio idea. So, without losing hope to  make his fantasy come true, after showing films to his wife as if by chance, without any results, he set up a date to realize his dirtiest and most perverse fantasy. Girls for a trio dressed up us nurses, he as a doctor and the super shag of his life came to life. 

12 August 2016  - 

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