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Probably the answer to this question is very easy: the more, the better! However, doctors, psychologists and therapists all around the world suggest some sex limits for each stage of life that are recommendable to respect. Sex hasn’t the same physical consequences for men and women. Sex relations have many positive effects for body and mind, but it is widely known that balance is virtue. Today, on our beloved blog, fucking, right; but how much?

First sex experiences

Regarding the lack of sex education, couples have to be careful while having their first sex experiences because frenzy and passion irremediably lead to have sex without condom and get pregnant as a result. Nobody wants an unwanted pregnant, or getting in trouble right after their first love experience.

Teenagers in Spain start having sex at 15 years old average, many of them have had sex already and others will have them later, there are even virgin men on their forties. Since our sex awakening until our lasting days, sex’s role will become less important as time goes by.

Sex initiation comes along with a bumpy sex life and desire for experimenting. People fuck nonstop everyday at that life stage. When one turns older, it isn’t recommendable -nor possible- to keep that pace, so you’d better enjoy it to the fullest, but never forget that using a condom is essential.


It is the decade when we have explored enough sex to pay attention to it, but not get consumed by it. If you want to put a barrier between you and the passing of time, then the ideal is to practice sex twice or three times a week.

It rejuvenates skin, activates blood circulation, it give you wings, women become dummies and men’s dick grow. In addition, it releases endorphins, so satisfaction, good mood and self-esteem grow up.

At this age, men and women are fully capable of having much sex of the best quality. People turn picky eaters (ones more than others) and choose their sex partners. That can lead to a smaller number of encounters, given the fact that quality and quantity can’t be together.

Psychologists and doctors advice to have an active sex life and be open to explore new things. Risks get minimized as time goes by and taboos get demystified. During our thirties, it is advisable to have sex twice or three times a week at least.

Forties: the Internet

Nights out multiply our possibilities to have sex and having a smartphone with a flirt app  makes our possibilities be infinite.

Many people at their forties don’t feel like going out for drinks every week to flirt. At that stage, we still feel passion for sex and are demanding, in front of us a screen full of online profiles lying.

We use the Internet to flirt, but there’s a lot of scamming. Hundreds of pictures and clever words, but a big emptiness behind those faces. We hear many stories about sex. Men still want to fulfill their sex desires on a daily basis; women can satisfy their libido easier than never, remain anonymous, forget about taboos and experience sex with a stranger and finish the experience right after the encounter.

Psychologists advise to get over sex repression and face bad experiences. Getting free, having mature sex and get the best of every experience. Think that fucking a lot will delay the arriving of aging, which we feel closing in on.

The older, the less libido?

As we see a man on his eighties, we think his libido is decadent. Is it true that as time goes by, libido gets down? Of course it is true, what did you expect to read?

However, that demand we mentioned above disappears and people fuck whoever who is up for it. Others don’t need to have sex on a daily basis, but they look for something more than sex in their encounters, some kind of connection, a nice company, someone to have fun and enjoy life.

Escorts have clients on their sixties and beyond. They look for close human contact with a voluptuous girl. They know they can still please other people and are as bright as they were on their twenties.

Upwards from eighties

Is there life after death? Is it possible to fuck and cum at 85 years old? Is it a good thing that elders have sex? According to a study held in the University of Chicago, having “much and good” sex has a very positive effect in women, but not so positive in men.

Regarding this study, if you are on your eighties and are a woman, there’s no problem in keep having sex weekly, given that your blood pressure and heart are improving as you fuck. If you are a sexually active 80-year-old man, you should know that having sex isn’t so recommendable for your health.

Elders get their hearts accelerated, which can lead to negative effects such as getting exhausted and gasp. In women’s case, hormones protecting the heart awake and do their thing. It reduces the risks of suffering a heart attack.

During sex awakening, it is hard to get calmed, but after that stage, moderation and creativity are the keys to enjoy. 

27 September 2016  - 

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