Football and whores

24 June 2014  - 
The World Cup and Brazilian whores

A delightful combination for people who love international football events,
watchable even from the TV shops' windows due to the current World Cup
competition. Some people have thought ahead regarding their pleasure satisfaction and are fully enjoying the Brazil 2014 World Cup, a plenty of balls and Brazilian beauties competition. The smart Brazilian girls have improved their services in order to compete in the whoredom pitch, because prostitution is a legal service in the country, sadly despite their age.

Brazilian whores either advert free food services or enrol for English lessons to make sure they get all the possible clients. In Vila Mimosa, Rio de Janeiro's red district, prostitution is the starring business, and the girls, no matter the age, would not miss the chance to earn some money, to ask for a cigarette or to wait for a dinner invitation. To make their living is the goal, and everything can do; if they "go fishing", people passing by the area will definitely get caught.

The Vila Mimosa Friends Association -gathering all the sex working ladies- has advertised in big screens free food for clients. The association has highlighted how long the Brazilian

whores have been working for this moment, only to satisfy the huge sex for money demand the clients ask for, when there is such a big football event going on. An 80% increase of mainly Anglo-Saxon clients is expected, and the whores have been studying English for more than a year only to get to these upcoming clients.

The mentioned association is working for the prostitution welfare, so it must be hard work for them to give advise and counselling to all the 4000 sex working ladies in Vila Mimosa.

The association is offering free elemental English and Spanish lessons, so the girls would not lose a potential client, but the association is also offering hairdressing, tailoring and IT courses to all these ladies.

sexservants, as they are called around there, undergo health tests every three months and the Government provides them with condoms. They are also warned about these clients who promise them marriage and a better life overseas, because these guys are sex slaves traffic dealers, and their target is to exploit these girls with no promising paradise ahead.


How much does a sexual service with a Vila Mimosa's Brazilian whore cost? About 22$, meaning around 18€ in currency exchange. Low cost and football fever mixed with alcohol, increases the authorities alarm -a bit less than society's- and increases the whores craving for clients at the same time.

Vila Mimosa

This suggesting named Rio de Janeiro's red district is strategically placed nearby the famous Maracaná football stadium. There are two-floored buildings with bars with loud music in both floors, where the girls peep out the windows and show off in the nearby streets only dressed in bikinis or underwear. The target men -taxi drivers, regular workers, tourists, students or sailors- hang around the streets and buildings holding caipirinhas or beers, all of them looking for their suitable whore; 4000 whores means plenty of offer.

In the Vila Mimosa nearby areas there is also prostitution. It is a legal activity and can be carried out from 18 years-old age and above. The big issue concerning the Brazilian Government and the worldwide NGOs is the under-aged prostitution. It is OK to carry out sex for money, but it must be done between adults, from 18 years-old and above.

Football, drunken men and ladies eager for money, look like a perfect business for both sides. Tax payments have risen from the World Cup's day one; everyone takes profit of the whoring business regularization. They can be seen and treated like regular workers, the country makes money with this old actual job, and the client does pay his taxes. Besides, the whores' health control apparently is easier, taking a test every three months is better than nothing, however in this period of time, viruses and sexual diseases can evolve very fast.

Two-sided life

Many of these ladies who become whores during the World Cup period are usually working in a different job, however they know they will earn a good amount of money and decide to become sexual workers. As long as there are no riots, tourists will go out at night and spend money in alcohol and women, partying hard with beautiful 
Brazilian whores.

So, where do we find the escort during this type of events?

The escort does not work on the streets, she is a 
high-standing clubs' customer, a call girl worker and advertises herself on websites. Brazilian escorts  probably will work their guts out during the World Cup but in a different way, having undergone their tests more regularly and spending all the time the client demands for the money he pays. On this side and the other side of the Atlantic ocean, the escorts in Barcelona will have a packed schedule celebrating the matches victories with their clients, because the World Cup is alive in Barcelona, obviously not like in Brazil, but good enough; and the Spanish escorts, the Russian escorts, the black escorts, the uni girls and the freelance escorts are all ready to be the client's companions during the world's most important football event.

If you could not travel to Rio de Janeiro to live the whole football experience, you can book a date with Brazilian escorts and watch the matches in a 
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24 June 2014  - 

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