Foot fetish or Podophilia: a more common fetish than you think

By definition, Foot Fetish is the sexual paraphilia / fantasy related to the attraction and excitement to the feet.

25 June 2018  - 
foot fetish

There are many types of paraphilia, fantasies and things that can lead you to extreme excitement and make you ejaculate as never before and enjoy a whole night of provocation and unbridled fornication.

It is true that there are many types of fantasies, but in this case we are going to talk about that fetish so popular and called Podophilia, also known as Foot Fetish.

Surely you know what the thing is about, but you have never delved into it. But after reading this article, we are sure that you are going to be anxious to practice it.

Feeling excitement just by looking at a person with a particular shoe that appeals to you is priceless. Can you image how must be the orgasm with a hot girl with large breasts and toned butt after practicing Foot fetish?

Ok, but..., what does it consist of?

Foot fetish

According to the erotic dictionary, podophilia is that paraphilia mainly felt by a man who experience sexual excitement for the feet. Nowadays it has become very fashionable, especially among the services of the collaborating escorts in La Vie en Rose. Having them put on a certain footwear, or requesting to be touched and masturbated with their feet is a part of this foot fetish.

However, there are many older examples than a simple service like this. One of them is found in Chinese society. The Chinese are experts and fanatics of the feet, the really feel excitement when they see a small foot. That is why it is considered one of the most erotic body parts by Asians.

Freud had already been saying it in his theories and his psychoanalysis, that be a podophilia addited and be aware of your attraction it is something that has been incubating since childhood.

And you will ask ... Why?

When the child's need to see the genitals of his mother figure is repressed, he starts to look down, at the foot. It is in that moment when the boy starts to see the feet as something sexual and erotic.

Be that as it may, feeling excitement for the feet and being a true "consumer" of podophilia is not bad, but on the contrary, you can also give a new approach to your sexual relationships, making them something habitual to be great powders of debauchery.

25 June 2018  - 

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