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16 July 2014  - 
Escorts sexual services explained

 For the boldest, it can be an option to let the escort do, first a black kiss, really wet and deep, and then a very deep pegging.

Sometimes the euphemisms are so cryptic, the client can feel lost and confused about his wishes demands, or the understanding of what it is really offered; it comes from this confusion to write a post about the sexual services the 
luxury escorts are able to do better than anybody else. There is a large range of practices variety, all of them aimed to give the client all the pleasure he deserves, but he is not the only one who enjoys this encounter with the escort.

In the sex for money business in Barcelona, the practices variety range a luxury escort is offering, as well as a senior escort, a very young escort or an independent escort, is very large and covers all the client's tastes and needs, even if this client, being a regular, is much more demanding, and asks for a bigger amount, less humdrum and out of the ordinary services. In this post we are going to reveal the most required services the clients ask to the best 
escorts in Barcelona who regularly contact La Vie en Rose.

Let's start with the mouth

The mouth is one of the best Mother Nature creations, even though it was not made to suck pussies and cocks, actually when used this way it really works perfectly. The escort's mouth is one of the most required parts of her body by the gentlemen, who are craving to stick their cocks into it. However, for those guys fed up of mouth-sticking, there are other options to ask for a blowjob, at the end of the day there is no difference, but human's brains need to try different ways.

Bareback blowjob is performed with no condom. The client introduces his cock into the escort's mouth and she stimulates it with her lips and tongue. It is one of the most demanded practices, only to read these words more than one guy got stiff for sure. There is another curious word to define it, because it sounds of anything but what it means, irrumation, a practice the man is moving up and down whilst the the escort only opens her mouth. The 69 looks more “romantic” and the couple lays down in a way they can suck their respective sexual parts one to the other at the same time.

 Titty blowjob is a funny name for one of the most pleasant practices for men, the escort sucks the cock holding it with her boobs. What a lovely sight! Is not your mouth watering already?

cumshot blowjob the escort sucks the cock until the man cums. After the titty blowjob, this practice looks more boring, doesn't it? It is a matter of tastes.

And forgetting about the French -in Spanish blowjob is called “French” with all its variety names: “natural French”, “bow tie French”, etc- there is another blowjob variety called 
deep throat, a denomination coming from the first porn movie released in the big screen in the USA around the seventies, where the starring lady stuck a cock into her narrow throat. So this gift from Nature, the throat's narrowness, gives much more pleasure to the man when he sticks his cock that deep.

And last but not least, there is the 
white kiss, the practice where the escort and the gentleman enjoy a lot passing the semen from one's mouth to the other's. Apart from cumming into the escort's mouth, the man has the chance to taste his own fresh semen coming from his deepest body parts.

What the anus has in store for us

The escort's anus is the most wanted. It is a canal Nature did not design for sex, it is much  narrower than vagina's, and this fact makes the man get more pleasure when fucking it. It is called 
anal sex -in Spanish “Greek” - and it also has its own varieties. For instance, pegging is a practice in which the escort places a cock-belt dildo to introduce it to another escort's anus or a guy who wants to find out what his anus has in store for him.

If we get romantic, there is also a kiss in the anus' world, the well-known black kiss, the escort stimulates the gentleman's anus with her tongue and can also stick it into his asshole.

For the boldest, it can be an option to let the escort wetly and deeply black kiss you and then peg you very deeply as well.

Three is not always a crowd

That's right, three is not always a crowd, sometimes it is even too little. Clients at La Vie en Rose usually ask for more than one girl in the 
luxury suite. Probably your imagination is already figuring out four boobies, two pussies and two fleshy mouths... This can be true!

There are varieties in this type of encounter. 
Duplex threesome is a practice where the client is the centre of the attention and the escorts do not touch each other but only the man. Isn't that amazing? All the pleasure for one person, the client: his cock is the centre of the universe and his semen the Milky Way the escorts are dreaming of.

In the 
attention to couples threesome service, the client brings his wife, girlfriend or lover, and have sex the three of them in harmony. The escort must give the best pleasure to the other two members. It is a very demanded service for those couples who want to go beyond enjoying together sex with a professional luxury whore.

Relax zone

erotic massages are part of the services list of some specialized escorts. The client's body, genitalia and erogenous areas are massaged and this service does not necessarily have to end in sexual intercourse.

16 July 2014  - 

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