Escorts for ladies: a rising service on demand

19 December 2014  - 
Escorts for ladies

Prostitution is for men; well, men as clients, of course. Thus is the vast majority of the world's opinion, who cannot think that a lady can rule her sexual life, having the same cravings a man has, like paying for sex services when she feels like. No sentimentalism, no seduction, the callboy or male escort gets into the house, and the female client asks him to take his clothes off. Liberation or imitation?

Escort for ladies, worldwide known as callboy or gigoló

Gigoló or callboy is the name for the male prostitute, who works only for ladies, meaning he is straight or heterosexual. Many guys do not like this nickname because they say they feel like simple sexual objects, and rather being called “companions”.

Many websites offer male sexual services, who are focused in intimately satisfying women, but somehow, heterosexual male prostitution seems to only target rich and wealthy ladies. Can we picture a woman paying ten euros to have her pussy eaten in her car by a Romanian guy, she has picked up from the beach motorway shoulder? Let's think about it a little, er... Nope.

This is one of the first differences of the heterosexual prostitution for men. Male clients never say no to anything, even if they suspect highways and parks prostitutes are linked to mobs, still they pay their money and get sex in dubious hygiene conditions. Of course, the types of prostitution for men's range is really wide, and has many levels, however prostitution for ladies seems to be more selective.

Prostitution for ladies: Sex is an option

These are the words of a London agency, that offers male companion services to these wealthy ladies.

Sex is an option at the end of the appointment, not for deference reasons, but because these agencies cannot explicitly advertise sexual services. Well, some ladies are only looking for a male companion for a wedding, or for an outing with coupled friends, and other ladies are just looking for a shag.

Armani is an escort who loves satisfying women; Tom, however, is an escort who never offers sex, since he only offers companionship services. Are there any female escorts who exclusively offer companionship services, and that's it after dinner? Amazing, isn't it?

Women's liberation?

Louise is waiting for her payslip for only one reason: meeting Bob.

Bob, a 48 years-old grey-haired male escort is making Louise's dreams come true. The day before the appointment, she goes to the spa, the hairdresser's and chooses a very sexy dress, she calls it “spoiling herself”. The appointment lasts about six hours, and they go out for dinner, drinking a nice bottle of wine, she has a massage, both have strawberries and champagne the way she likes it, the talk and they “make love”.

Louise confesses this is a way of feeling loved, listened to, and of course, of breaking away from her “accountant's grindy life”. At 47, she has started using the male escorts service. Walking down Sidney's streets -the city where she was born-, she saw a magazine with the best escorts of the city, and she could not resist but taking one for her.

After many years of a baneful sentimental relationship, and three years of bad jobs in online dates and several one-night stands, she decided that escorts for ladies might be the possible solution.

For Louise, her grey-haired boy is a guarantee of good sex and hygiene, since every three months his medical tests are uploaded in his site ad profile -by the way, a legal requirement in Australia. Louise asked her doctor, who said she was not the first lady who used this male escort service, and he encouraged her to try.

Now several states in Australia have legalized prostitution, and the number of female clients is rising, although only a 6% of women are paying for sex in the kangaroos' country. The average prize is around 500 Aussie $, about 330€.

From 30 years age onwards, rich ladies, usually single or divorced, spoil themselves enjoying the services of a male escort.

I pay a callboy to screw in a hotel

Fortunately, we are living a moment in history when ladies have a major economic self-sufficiency, and this works in different areas, like when they decide to live their sexuality the way the want, paying for a callboy's services to screw in a hotel. It can be shocking, because we are not used to that, but it is as simple as that.

Rich in bills and poor in spare time, some of these ladies do not want to waste that time flirting around in bars, getting poor sex, they rather going strait to the point.

The Internet has helped a lot, as usual. Before, ladies had to search around, they had to watch on the streets, making up strategies to meet up an escort; now, the Site is full of ads, comments and pictures.

Series like Sex and the City or Girls have come up with the women's sexuality issue, ladies who do not want a romantic date, falling in love every day, but shagging a lot, having good sex with hot satisfying guys, who listen and give massages as well. This sounds very tempting for ladies. This has been exclusively a pleasure for men until now. They did not say a word, did they?

It might be another step forward in women's liberation, another battle gained in a typical male battlefield, like the Science, the Army, or the Finances and Business fields. Ladies step forward in prostitution as clients, with a bunch of bills in hand and very clear ideas about what they want from the transaction.

No wonder in Japan, packs of agreed romances are on sale. The world is tending to go for fast, easy and pleasant things.

Is nobody interested in the seduction game any more?

19 December 2014  - 

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