Escorts in Barcelona: We all have sex in exchange for something else

04 June 2014  - 
An interview with a high class escort in Barcelona

All human beings get paid from sex in one way or another. Sometimes we pay for it with marriage, sometimes sharing our lives, sometimes with long lasting relationships... We all pay for it! I get paid with money.

How is an escort lifestyle?

The lifestyle of an escort in Barcelona is a quite busy one. Not only because it is a very active lifestyle, but also because you need to reach the standards you are expected to.
The client cannot be disappointed, because there is a lot of competition in this business. When he calls for a date, he expects you to look gorgeous, to be the nicest one, always ready for a dinner, for drinks, for a good fun, and, of course, ready to offer him a great dose of the best sex.

Besides, apart from this busy life, the escort has to take good care of herself, to eat healthily, to do exercise, to keep fit, to look after her hair, and to buy clothing for all occasions, from sexy lingerie to suitable dressing for dinners and parties.

The daily routine schedule of an adaptable escort would be a 24/7 availability at any time of the week, however most escorts are only available during the weekends; these are the cases of 
uni girl escorts and freelance escorts, who usually work every now and then and are not regular customers in bars like La Vie en Rose.

Is there any difference between an escort and a lady who does not work in this business lives?

There are many differences. First of all, I enjoy a major sex life than the rest of regular women. Whore sex has no taboos; the customers ask for anything they like and I have no problems in sucking a cock of let them fuck me from behind, it is my job, I can be as much dirty as I want.

Most women do not do it because they are afraid of what the man will think, or maybe because they think some things cannot be done or asked in sexual matters.  So I can say, being a whore in Barcelona improves my experiences in bed matters with no shame at all.

Many women do not understand how a lady can be paid for sex. What do you think about that?

Well, I do not understand how it can be done for free (laughs). Gentlemen have sexual needs more often than ladies. Indeed, we all like having sex every day and we all like trying new things in bed, but many men really need to have a good fuck every day, and when they do it with their wives too often, they feel bored and they need to call an escort or a whore to have sex with her, either because they need to have new experiences or because they love fucking many women.

On the other side, there are these ladies who love making men happy, the ones who love sex with lots of men and who feel comfortable giving pleasure to strangers. Why not getting paid for such a good service for mankind? We all feel happy. They feel happy and enjoy good sex and we get paid for a well-done job.

In your opinion all women should get paid?

In my opinion all human beings get paid from sex in one way or another. Sometimes we pay for it with marriage, sometimes sharing our lives, sometimes with long lasting relationships... Sometimes we get paid with affection, trust, love, reliability, but we always get pay somehow and we all pay for it! Nobody is in a relationship in exchange for nothing. I get paid with money and they get paid with sex.

Were in your dreams being a whore in Barcelona?

I do not think anyone dreams of being a whore in Barcelona or anywhere else in the world. It is a job you do not think about until one day it crosses your mind. If you agree with the idea of having sex every day with different people in several ways, with the idea of giving more pleasure instead of receiving it, and you take it as a job when sometimes you only perform it and sometimes you enjoy it, everything is OK.

I figure you also like money.

We all like money, the one who denies it, is lying.

What practices do you like the most?

I love crossdressing. I like when a client asks for everything I do not expect. I remember a client who asked me for my clothes, even the lingerie, because he wanted to wear it. He dressed like a stunning lady and asked me to put the harness on and fuck him from behind with no lub. He was a young handsome guy with a gorgeous body.

I believe he was fed up of having regular sex and wanted to try new experiences. I tried not to hurt him but he asked for pain, so he got it. He asked me to pull his hair off and to spank him with the whip. He did not take long to cum. We he bounced back he only opened his mouth to say thank you. He got dressed an left really happy.

Are you in a relationship?

No, it is hard to have a relationship. I have met guys and I have had a relationship with them, but after a while they got crazy jealous, they could not bear my job as an outcall whore in private homes  and hotels or La Vie en Rose.

After having sex for a while they usually go away. I rather it this way because I need to be OK in my job always available in a good mood, and relationships take time, especially the weekends when I have more work. I do not think of serious relationships for now. I am not willing to be paid with love or sex instead of money.


04 June 2014  - 

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