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18 August 2014  - 
High class escorts: erotic entertainment in Barcelona

Escorts and entertainment: Perfect nights out in Barcelona

Breaking through sex boundaries, beyond the old face-to-face, the eternal man-woman domination or the boring in-out followed by the sleeping bed-time.

The Catalan capital city is well known for its wide cultural offer. Sooner or later, every tourist must visit it. Barcelona's best features are the super famous architecture and buildings, the beach lively atmosphere and the moving crowd up and down the streets. It is a great Mediterranean city that offers its visitors an enjoyable, varied and amazing trip.

Nightlife is one of the highlights of the visitor's options. It is a warm seaside city, its folks go out nearly every day, especially in summertime, and during the weekends, they go to the leisure areas always ready to have fun. Besides the usual nightlife, there is the erotic entertainment, an extremely interesting option.

Going out for drinks in Barcelona

Gentlemen -either holiday tourists or businessmen who are staying only for a short time in the city- are looking for pleasure in many ways, and Barcelona can offer it in different options. The capital city offers a wide range of bars and restaurants with worldwide food options in the most varied atmospheres.

In terms of food, drinks and musical entertainment, there is a lot and competitive offer, so anybody would need more than one night to get to try the best restaurants, cocktail bars and music bars; however, in terms of erotic entertainment, relax in Barcelona and city nightclubs, the finest and best options are reduced to a few choices.

In Barcelona's city centre, gentlemen who are looking for a king's night out, start the evening dining in a nice restaurant, later on going out for drinks, trying the best whisky, for instance.

It is very common to see a group of friends, and one of them has a good idea taking the bunch for a drink in 
La Vie en Rose, a nightclub placed in the middle of the city's nightlife area. It is the best nightclub in Barcelona, the only one in Spain achieving the ISO 90001 strict standards.

Hygiene, cleanliness, excellence and privacy care are its most important features, as well as a warm alluring decoration and atmosphere designed for the client's top pleasure during his night out. Everything would be meaningless if there was no 
Venezuelan escortsRussian escortsLatin escorts or Spanish escorts  in the club. They usually turn up in La Vie en Rose for a drink to get to know more closely all the guys who have chosen to spend a night out in Barcelona.

The night starts here

The night starts showing its best side when gentlemen decide to have a drink in this city nightclub. After meeting in the club's bar a porn star escort, an independent escort, a 
uni girl escort or a senior escort, some of them would head to the relax area, where they would enjoy very slowly the chosen escort's company, perhaps having a bath with her, talking in an intimate atmosphere, and some others would rather rent a luxury suite room for hours.

The nightclub's rooms are designed for an exciting and perfect intimate encounter. There are Nespresso coffee machines, luxury designed bathtubs or showers, chromotherapy and music services, 50” plasma screens, and many essential details for the perfect encounter.

X parties and stag parties

Some gentlemen choose this nightclub to share an X party with friends, because for many guys, sharing is the best option. There are special spaces designed for this activities in La vie en rose; recently, the rising of the deluxe stag parties has changed the nightclub's reality, where the best parties are held with the entire world's best escorts.

The escort's skills

There are many types of escorts: agency girls, independent escorts, very adaptable escorts, Asian escorts, very young escorts or very tall escorts, for instance. If we want to learn about what else they can offer, we have to check over their services list, since not all the girls offer the same services.

An escort can offer the 
bareback blowjob service -a condomless blowjob-; she can also offer the cumshot blowjob -a condomless blowjob with the following client's cumshot. In the blowjob practice, many girls advert the boobjob -the escort stimulates the penis holding it with her breasts-, or the titty blowjob -the penis is held with the boobs and at the same time the girl is blowjobbing it.

Some other escorts are experts in light 
SM, a game of submissive and dominator/ dominatrix role play between two people; there are many accessories, from whips, to leather and latex clothing, handcuffs, masks, ropes and tweezers. Other girls are anal sex experts, and it can be performed after a black kiss -an anal area stimulation with the tongue, eventually getting to introduce it into the anus-. Other escorts can play with sex toys, because every day more men want to be fucked from behind by a girl, the so called pegging practice;

the belt with a dildo attached to it can be used by an escort to fuck another escort or to fuck a guy, there is plenty of room for creativity and sexual freedom. Some escorts practice cross dressing, them wearing men's clothes and the male clients wearing ladies' clothes, or else dressing up, because for many guys it is very arousing to see their fancied escort dressed like a nurse, a vamp, a dominatrix or a police woman.

Certainly, the escorts offer a wide range of options, so many you would probably want to come back over and over again only to keep experiencing new 
sexual practices, breaking through sex boundaries, beyond the old face-to-face, the eternal man-woman domination or the boring in-out followed by the sleeping bed-time.

18 August 2014  - 

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