Erotic masseuses in Barcelona: heaven on Earth

17 March 2016  - 
Erotic masseuses in Barcelona: heaven on Earth

The different kinds of massages are countless, they range from therapeutic to relaxing massages, and include stimulating massage, which is the most interesting to our beloved blog. Excitation, pleasure, and orgasm are three characteristics of our favorite massages: erotic massages in Barcelona.

Are erotic massages in Barcelona a recent idea? Of course not, we can see the traces which erotic massages left in Roman baths and prove people already liked bathing, cold and hot water, massages, relaxing and pleasures. Nowadays, erotic massages in Barcelona are an extension of how they were in the past. We may not be original, but we are always in for whatever it is good.

Can erotic massages in Barcelona be considered as massages? It seems they have a double intention. The main objective is to relax, but this objective usually takes a back seat in favour of the second objective, which consists of stimulating a client until he reaches orgasm. Erotic massages in Barcelona have a sexual objective and they are usually mixed with exotic massages such as Thai, Balinese or Swedish massages. Let’s clear that you will obviously have a great time with escorts who offer their skills as erotic masseuses on their adverts.

Sometimes, we get accidentally aroused by the hands of a handsome and attractive masseur, or by the softness of a beautiful masseuse; imagine how hot you can get by experimenting the expertise of an erotic masseuse in Barcelona.

Differences between erotic massages in Barcelona and the rest of massages

The biggest difference is in the parts of the body where they are focused. Erotic massages in Barcelona focus on those sexual excitable areas, to get another kind of massages, you can always go to a real therapist to get rid of your muscle contractions. Obviously, intimacy with erotic masseuses is higher than with any other kind of therapist, that is what makes erotic massages be so interesting.

The main objective of erotic massages in Barcelona is to reach excitation and orgasm. Usually, dates with escorts go fast, but your time with an erotic masseuse in Barcelona can go slower, so you can hold back your cum and get sexually excited slowly and enjoy your climax to the fullest, as if you were a surfer on the top of a wave.

Our XXX moment

We have gone through a stressful week and we haven’t had enough time to eat well, but we survived those infernal days between Monday and Friday, so we can get a prize.

La Vie en Roses relaxation area and erotic masseuses collaborating there are reputed to be friendly, high-quality and delicate. Many men know they deserve a prize and opt for spending a super special evening to homage themselves. A bathtub full of rose petals, candlelight, relaxing music and a breathtaking erotic masseuse in Barcelona are waiting for them. The moment of erotic massages in Barcelona has arrived and the rest doesn’t matter.

As we have already said, erotic massages pursue a happy ending. The final objective is the client’s happiness. What more you can ask for? From the bathtub to the bed, softness, intimacy, calm and relaxation until an erotic masseuse in Barcelona touches the tired body of the client and starts to stimulate him unhurriedly.

Erotic massages in Barcelona include touching erogenous areas of the body. Don’t worry, your dick and balls are also going to be touched. And, you’ll get a happy ending if you ask for it. There are men who prefer to be masturbated to end this erotic massage experience in Barcelona; others prefer to be given a blowjob, bareback blowjobs specifically, to go back happily to their daily lives.

The mixture of massage, relaxation, excitation and cumming is one of the most demanded services to erotic masseuses in Barcelona. We will leave aside crazy nights, drinking and champagne bottles to other occasion. Going to a nightclub, or La Vie en Rose’s bar area aren’t the only ways to have fun, the intimacy of the relaxation area also has a lot to offer.

Erotic massages in Barcelona and happy ending

Some erotic masseuses in Barcelona have told us that not all clients want a happy ending; they are so relaxed they don’t want to ruin that moment. We shouldn’t forget that dating escorts doesn’t necessarily mean you are lacking of sex, perhaps you don’t need an erotic masseuse in Barcelona to reach orgasm, maybe you only need an intimate contact, somebody to massage freely your balls and dick. Maybe you don’t need to reach orgasm, but being able to be naked nearby a beautiful girl. It is hard to believe, but it is true.

Depending on what place you visit, it is probable that erotic masseuses in Barcelona massage you and then ask you if you want a happy ending. There’s a dichotomy of services here, clients can choose between a hand job or a blowjob, depending on how much money they want to spend. Clearly, those pleasures aren’t given for free.

If you only have dated an escort to satisfy your hottest fantasies, then you should know that there is another kind of sexual contact very different from what you have experienced so far. Not everything consists of a quick shag, awake your masculine senses to enjoy a different sex where pleasure and relaxation join. The best part of it is that erotic masseuses in Barcelona will get you excited gently, and then we can choose whether end on their mouth or not, we think that few men would reject this proposition.

An erotic massage in Barcelona by the side of a naked and excited escort is perfection.

17 March 2016  - 

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