Erotic massage by professional escorts

What are the erotic massages that escorts prefer do? In this blog article we tell you.

05 July 2018  - 
Erotic massage by escorts

Enjoying a good erotic massage is already within reach of many, and combining it with a good sex session is possible.

Many girls who dedicate themselves to this profession usually include this type of service within their catalog so that their potential clients can realize of it and enjoy a good date, and above all, that they relax and rest from the daily stress and routine.

Yes, it is true that in some cases there is a difference between the escort and an erotic masseuse, because some girls do not do sexual services, but they do erotic massages and vice versa.

In this article we are going to talk about what kind of erotic massages you can find if you go to whores in Barcelona and ask them to make you one.

Erotic massages of services

As is well known, not all escorts do everything, but erotic massages in Barcelona (or whatever city you are in) are often very common among their services. And their customers increasingly like to be caressed and made more than special straw.

The erotic massages are not all the same, and each one has their technique to be able to reach the pleasure through the caresses and the cuddles that a massage can bring before starting and entering into action, with penetrations and fellatio in between, in an appointment with an escort.

Lingam Massage

This is perhaps the most sophisticated erotic massage to be able to masturbate and that is not as ordinary as it sounds, but it is literally an elegant straw.

Tantric philosophy is generating a lot of influence on the subject of massage. The Lingam, consisting of a massage stimulating of the male genitalia, looks for the excitement of the penis through caresses and try to reach a good connection of the male phallus.

This massage is always more than it seems due to the client comes up because with the stimulation of the cock, he gets excited and gets more and more horny until the time to move on and penetrate the escort, or not.

Hand-to-hand massage

This is very similar to the previous one, but erotic massage is based on caresses through all parts of the body.

In this erotic massage in Barcelona, what it is done is stimulate several areas thanks to the full body contact between the escort and the client, making it hot and hot, in order to look for other types of services (in this post we will not talk about it).

Sensual massage

This is what we imagine whenever we talk about erotic massages. It is the one you can enjoy at home, in your bed with your partner, or with other professionals hands like a luxury escort in Barcelona and let yourself go until the situation goes up.

Touches, caresses and the occasional rubbing between geniuses that make the environment raise the temperature to end up copulating as wild animals.

05 July 2018  - 

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