Erotic asphyxiation

18 January 2016  - 
Erotic asphyxiation

Erotic asphyxiation: a pleasure to die for

Erotic asphyxiation is one of the most dangerous fantasies, fetishes, or paraphilias. You have surely heard about some famous people who succumbed to these unsuspected pleasures between life and death. Today on our beloved blog, we will get immersed in one of the riskiest fetishes.

While David Carradine was filming a movie, he went to his room. He enjoyed his own company during his spare time. Actresses are egocentric crazy women, and the rest of artists are annoying when you are in a hurry and time to work is about to end. That’s why 72-year-old David, the main character of Kill Bill and Kung-Fu, masturbates to relax.

Mature escorts in BarcelonaCatalan escortsSpanish escorts, and every foreign escort are used to masturbate their clients using their soft fingers, or their huge boobs; however, there are few experts in erotic asphyxiation. Sometimes, not even the fetishists can control themselves and go too far. This is what happened to Carradine.

Cutting off the oxygen

Erotic asphyxiation is about cutting off the oxygen to a man while you masturbate him, due to get a more intense orgasm. How does it sound? Dangerous? Exciting? There are many examples of men who were seriously injured because of this practice; it is said to be a very pleasurable practice, but is it pleasurable enough to risk your life?

They found Carradine dead with something alike to a rope and naked. For him, it was literally a pleasure to die for; there aren’t many deaths as sweet as this. There are people who will die of boredness. What do you prefer?

Erotic asphyxiation fetishists assure that a lack of oxygen makes orgasms be way more intense. Be careful, because this works both direction. It may happen that you die while you are cumming, or that you kill your partner in crime.

Escorts and erotic asphyxiation

Some Colombian escortsEgyptian escorts, Venezuelan escorts and Italian escorts have explained us their experience with fetishes and erotic asphyxiation.

The Egyptian escort has talked about the day she discovered the existence of this practice. She had a client who wasn’t shy, so he showed her a rope and his dick during their date. The Egyptian escort said to him she thinked it was a little risky. She had never done that, and her client wanted to explain how to do it, as if it wasn’t difficult to handle. Imagine what would have happened if the Egyptian escort had confounded asphyxiation and excitation, she may had ended holding a dead body. Not at all, hopefully she was prudent, so she told her client to practice something less risky until she learned how to manage this practice. Did the escort really learn that practice? Of course not, she fucked her client after a great blowjob, so he went home very relaxed, and she didn’t need to asphyxiate him, nor kill someone in such a silly way.

Masturbating to death

Some Italian escorts have commented us that two years ago there was a renowned case about an Italian guy married to a Spanish girl. Despite the girl’s beauty, he decided to masturbate in such risky ways that he died during his last wank. He was found dead, naked and holding a rope. After this story, a client asked an Italian escort to practice this fetish on him. The client didn’t know what he was asking for; he only wanted to get the most intense orgasm in his life with his favorite Italian beauty, who has long legs and bright-as-stars eyes. As she is a professional whore, she fucked him and made him forget about the rope, the asphyxiation and all the risks which involve this practice.

1,000 per year

Erotic asphyxiation isn’t a joke. Carradine was only one of many; it is calculated that 1,000 men per year die because of erotic asphyxiation only in the United States. Venezuelan escorts and Colombian escorts have commented us that they have never had this kind of requests, but they say they would reject practicing because they are inexperienced. However, if they had experience in it, they would only do it if they were paid big money.

As addictive as cocaine

There are written texts about erotic asphyxiation from 17th century. Back then, it was a practice used to treat erectile dysfunction because they had noticed that hanged men cummed in their last gasp. Nowadays, erotic asphyxiation is considered to be as addictive as cocaine.

Politicians, journalists, songwriters, musicians, rockstars, designers, or conservative priests have died while they reached orgasm, and then have been found dead, naked and hanged.

It is a dangerous fantasy, that is why most escorts and whores in Barcelona don’t perform this service. Well, it isn’t restrictive to Barcelona, escorts in the rest of the world neither perform it. The few who perform it charge it really expensive because of all the involved risks.

We have said that it is as addictive as cocaine, so we can assume that it is easy to die while you are masturbating. That is why, the experts in fetishes advice people not to become addicted and not to practice it frequently because the more times you practice it, the more possibilities to die.

We will talk about other more peaceful paraphilias on our next post; we love paraphilias because they are the most perverted fantasies ever. 

18 January 2016  - 

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