Egyptian, Cuban, Colombian and Venezuelan escorts: four delicious temptations

13 October 2015  - 
Egyptian, Cuban, Colombian and Venezuelan escorts: four delicious temptations

We can almost feel how Brazilian girls outrage while reading that the sexiest women on Earth are Colombian. Is the world becoming crazy or is it true that Colombian escorts are the hottest women on Earth? Let’s deep in the stereotypes and realities of the hottest four nationalities in the whole world. We can’t kick Brazilians out of the podium! Who would be your favorite to have a sexual encounter?

Egyptian escorts in Barcelona

They are as exotic as anybody else; Egyptian escorts are surrounded by a veil of Oriental secrecy which is really attractive for men from the West. Their country is tied to a sensational lost-in-time past. A dinner with an Egyptian escort involves many steps to take because it is not usual to find one and men feel invaded by their beauty and distance.

They have smooth slim bodies, delicate sun-kissed skins in the Nile and dark eyes as deep as pyramides’ undersoil. Egyptian escorts are a different pleasure who need an unhurried evening until they come to bed, where they will attack with all their seductive power running through their veins. Egyptian escorts are the best choice for an absolutely special night, but let’s keep explaining one by one the four hottest nationalities in the world.

Cuban escorts in Barcelona

There is nothing more to say after “Cuban”. In fact, the term “Cuban” in Spanish refers to a sexual practice which consists of an escort masturbating her client with her breasts instead of her hands. Cuba is a sexually stereotyped country, so Cuban escorts take advantage of that situation, and proudly represent their country.

Miscegenation makes their women be so beautiful and passionate. Their physical traits range from typical black people traits to caucasian people and include indigenous traits. All of them play an important role in having the best ass in the world, juicy full lips, and amazing sexual skills. Passion, music and joy are three important aspects of their culture. A Cuban escort company is a guarantee for fun, laughing, dancing, and having great sex; that is why they are so demanded at private parties with escorts.

What do regular clients of Cuban escorts in Barcelona think about them? Clients think they are so beautiful and cheerful. They highlight their beauty and smooth asses; they actually deserve that reputation. That black and white mixture leads to sensuality and passion in their movements and their way of having sex. “These escorts take your troubles away and make everything runs well, but, in my opinion, the best part of it is their way to provide deep Greek anal sex which makes me be crazy about them”.

Colombian escorts in Barcelona

At the beginning of this post, we talked about Colombian escorts for a reason. Although the rest of nationalities are also very acclaimed, Colombian escorts get an A in everything: asses, breasts, skin, and hair, everything is sensual and sexual in them.

It is not necessary to go to Barranquilla’s Carnival to enjoy the company of one of those girls. If you pay attention, you will be able to get a weekend-date with a Colombian escort in Barcelona. We recommend you to call her and set up a date, as they are much requested. Why are these girls so desired?

Their long and silky mane, smooth skin and delicate voice conspire to take men’s common sense away, so they only want to get lost in the legs and kisses of a Colombian escort. Unparalleled beauty; the most authentic, amazing and surprising trip to America.

How was your experience with Colombian escorts? We have asked a client who fancies foreign escorts in Barcelona. “I like dating escorts, I know many from different countries, I always have fun by their side, but I’d like to enhance Colombian escorts over the rest. The Colombian escort I dated was really seductive. The way she whispered in my ear what she wanted me to do, her way of moving, and her great blowjob turned me so horny. It was an unforgettable night”.

Venezuelan escorts in Barcelona

Last but not least in today’s ranking. Venezuela is a country full of hot and open people. Again, miscegenation is responsible for men and women beauty to be higher than average beauty in other countries. Venezuelan escorts compete with their neighbors, Colombian escorts.

We have met some of the best Venezuelan escorts in Barcelona, who are ready to fuck a man able to keep their potency and sexual pace. Dates with Colombian escorts can be so long.

They are very well renowned because of their curvy figures, firm and big breasts, toned legs and spontaneity in bed. They are able to take clients to a paradise of sensations and wild pleasurable sex, without taboos. So, you have to be aware of that they become hurricanes when they finish drinking and suggest coming up to the suite.

Sex with Venezuelan escorts is a turning point over the rest of nights with escort girls in Barcelona. It is a way of feeling accompanied in an encounter that isn’t only about sex, but also about authentic passion and South American sweetness.

Except for exotic Egyptian escorts, it is not a coincidence the three other nationalities are in America. New land which has no complexes in sex, nor control in bed; pure enjoyment of the wonderful body of the best escorts in the world.

13 October 2015  - 

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