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Humanity has revealed some of the biggest Nature’s mysteries. Before, we got scared by lightnings; nowadays we know everything about them, we even know how to shoot a lightning to someone. We have sent thousands of missions to the outer space to know more about the stars, and we are investigating remedies for the most serious diseases on Earth, but there’s a question which still takes our sleep away: dick’s size, does it really matter? Today on our beloved blog, we will aboard this well-known secret which is still unrevealed.

Psychologists’ answer

Psychologists have answers for everything including for dick’s size importance. For some of these specialists, size isn’t important from a reproductive perspective. It doesn’t matter that a dick is short, if it is able to get fresh sperm right into an ovule. So, size doesn’t matter for this purpose.

Why are you like that?

You’ve said it to your couple a thousand times! However, probably you haven’t asked it to your own penis. Evolutionarily, women’s likings have conditioned penis’ shape because they are the ones who have pussies and the last word in sex. Consequently, penis’ size is thought to please women, so the size matter shouldn’t be such a controversial subject. It is right the way it is, enough.

Happiness island

Vanuatu is an island lost in the South Pacific Ocean and is the perfect candidate to a “happiest place on Earth” contest. As we have seen naked people who aren’t consumerist wandering around there, we can take it for a true statement.

Two things make this land special; one of them is that it has been awarded as the happiest land on Earth twice, the other one is that men don’t care about their penis’ size.

How is it possible that the rest of humanity overthink about it while people in Vanuatu don’t give a fuck about it? Try to look for images of these islanders and check how comfortable they wearing their loincloths and bows.

Sensual abs, slim bodies and bronzed skin. What do their loincloths hide? They don’t care, they aren’t worried about it. They fuck their women when they are asked to do it, and that’s that.

How do we know that Vanuatu inhabitant’s don’t give a shit about their penis’ size? Because they are divided in big nambas (penises) and small nambas, but belonging to the last one isn’t a shame. They cover with small leaves while their partners need bigger ones, or foliage, heheh. That’s it.

The reign of porn

In Vanuatu, men and women don’t point at the penis size as something to care about when it comes to having sex, but in Western society, the bigger is a penis, the better. So, we don’t have any choice, but to think that size matters. If you have seen small dicks in a porn movie, it’s probably to show us how a small penis works, because they commonly show the contrary.

Porn movies’ purpose is to show big dicks, sometimes they are real, other times it is all about filming in the right angle, but the purpose is always the same: showing a big dick, because without it you aren’t a true man.

Women’s point of view loses relevance and that’s nonsense because dicks are designed for fucking pussies. If we let porn guides us, then penis’ size is a matter of much importance, so, if you don’t have a big dick, then you’d better stay at home.

The best sex organ

Some people don’t speak about penis’ size, but speak about how to use it and also the rest of the body. Let’s be more flexible in our minds and perceive sex as something complex where genitals are only a little part of it.

If we keep that line of thoughts, then the best sex organ is our brain. We get our creativity, sensuality, erotism, hotness, wetness, etc from it.

It doesn’t matter if a dick is big or small as long as a man knows how to use it right, and not only that, he can also use his body, lips, hands, tongue and look to make a woman go crazy in bed without worrying about the size issue.

Escorts open

We have talked to some escorts who have opened to us and told what they really think about their clients’ dick size. The Brazilian escort has told us “I do care about size, I like big hard cocks. I enjoy more, it’s way more pleasurable. As far as I don’t perform A-levels, it isn’t a problem for me to find a big cock, but I do understand that if you are an escort who performs Greek anal sex, you’d rather fuck small-cocked clients.”

The luxury escort commented that she’s been with many men and many kinds of dicks, but she enjoys average penises because “big dicks can hurt, it starts hurting after some minutes, so you stop enjoying. I prefer average penises to have sex and enjoy it, it’s more comfortable to perform blowjobs and deepthroat. To me, it is a matter of practice, I prefer average dicks.”

The teen escort thinks in a different way, she says that “clients who have a small dick make more efforts to please me in other ways. They perform long pleasing oral sex seshs, play with me for a long while, make me turned on, and don’t hurt me when they put it in, so I can be longer with them that with clients who have a big dick. If I had several XXL-cocked clients, they'd ruin my night.”

There are colours for every taste. 

13 September 2016  - 

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