Erotic massage or tantric massage?

Erotic massage or tantric massage? The two are very equal but at the same time different. In this post we explain you more.

19 September 2018  - 
Erotic massage or tantric massage?

Surely you have heard a lot about the differences and similarities between erotic massages and tantric massage and the truth is that the line that differentiates one from the other is quite fine.

They are very similar but they are not the same and that is why there are different points that makes them unique. Sure you have fucked many times, and it is very probably that several of them have started with a sensual massage a sensual massage with caresses on your back and the stimulation of your penis. And in these situations, would you have known how to identify what type of massage you were receiving?

It seems that we are entering a loop, but nothing far from reality. A tantric massage is not the same as an erotic massage, that is clear, because one needs the connotations, mood and certain requirements that the other does not need, and vice versa.

That is why we tell you now what is exactly an erotic massage and what is a tantric massage is, and what are the different variants of each of them in order of ask to the erotic masseuses for what you exactly want

Erotic Massage

This is the most common type when we practice sex and most of the spicy games. Many women, experts in the field, love to give an erotic massage in order to create excitement and prepare the ideal atmosphere for what will come next. And although it may seem simple, the truth is that knowing how to give a good sensual massage is an art that not everyone can master.

This type of caresses are governed by the sensuality and delicacy in which the stimulation of the skin and the most hidden erogenous zones is sought. The goal is to reach excitement and facilitate a very pleasant sexual relationship that can even become the best orgasms of your life. And all thanks to an erotic massage.

There are many types of erotic massage, but perhaps the best known and more popular are:

  • Traditional erotic massage wrapped in caresses.
  • Body to body massage, that is based on the friction of body parts, excluding hands.
  • 4 hands massage
  • Sensual massage

Tantric Massage

On the other hand, tantric massage is something more special than erotic massage, because it plays a different role.

Spirituality, or rather the Tantric philosophy, is the basis of these massages because it seeks pleasure in a space in a space that goes beyond the earthly. And in addition to this pleasure, it also seeks to increase the duration of orgasms.

Some examples of tantric massage are:

  • Yoni, or female genital stimulation.
  • Lingam, or male genital stimulation.
  • Nuru

Here we have explained some of the basic differences of these two types of massage, which if they are well performed represent the true art of seduction and sexuality.

19 September 2018  - 

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