Whores and cabinet ministers, who earn more money?

07 October 2014  - 
Who makes more money: prostitutes or politicians?

We have recently learned, by Intereconomía channel courtesy, that Spaniards supposedly spend five million euros every day in sexual services, meaning prostitution services. Comparing the whores' earnings with the cabinet ministers' ones, it turns out the first group gets more money -officially speaking- that the second group, earning between 3,500€ and 9,000€ per month. Prostitution clients rate better the whores' services than the cabinet ministers ones.

Depardieu, a past linked with prostitution

This week we have learned about Gerard Depardieu's confessions, the famous French actor, who has starred many European and American movies. He has confessed he has a past linked with prostitution and grave desecration (!!!).

His statements, published in The Hollywood Reporter, have been shocking. The actor recalls his early years in Chateauroux, the town where he was born, as a kid prostitute with only ten years of age; later on, when he moved to Paris, he kept offering his 
sexual services as well.

The French actor, who recently has become a Russian citizen only to avoid paying taxes to the French state, has underlined that “the thief and the bully were a lively part of myself”. While Depardieu has previously stated similar confessions, like the one saying he used to rape girls when he was a teenager because “they liked it”, the grave desecration business, robbing the gold buried with the dead, spotlights again his dark personality.

Prostitution and celebrities

It is a recurring subject in our blog. Besides of being a public suspicion, every day we learn more news about the celebrities' old days, especially actors and actresses, linked to the prostitution business.

In previous posts, we have mentioned well-known celebrities like Sharon Stone or Salma Hayek, whose careers as Hollywood stars are thought to be boosted by their jobs as luxury prostitutes. Stone use to get paid about $1,000 per hour, and people say beautiful Hayek met her valentine millionaire when working as a 
high class escort. It looks like, instead of acting lessons, having this job is a shortcut to stardom. The ladies get a job as prostitutes for the agencies the film producers and directors hire, wherewith these girls have a straighter way to get to these film industry tycoons -who are usually alcoholic, as well as sex and orgies addicts-, and sooner than later the link between luxury whores -who want to be Hollywood actresses- and Tinseltown bosses comes up.

However, this is not the only relationship the luxury escorts have with a group, but there is also a strong link between politicians and prostitutes; if these ladies spoke, more than one would be embarrassed. Politicians, like any other man, pay for sexual services from whores, but these gentlemen are no interested in bringing up the subject of prostitution legalization, at least in Spain. However, many other countries are approaching this subject, and its countrymen and women are readier to regulate the third worldwide business that gives more profits.

Estonia is discussing the prostitution legalization subject

The Estonian newspaper Postimees has brought out a controversial question to the readers and the public opinion. A simple but tough question: Would you legalize prostitution?

Only in two days, the seven thousand newspaper's readers took sides in favour of legalization in front of the two thousand readers who said no. A member of the police commission and the city's security office had had the initial idea of questioning the public opinion. The policeman named Toomas Viks recommended the public to think about the answer thoroughly, since legalizing prostitution would mean protecting the prostitutes' health and life.

Many girls, who get their living as whores, carry out the activity in underground flats, where there is no health control and the violent attacks against them are their daily routine. Viks emphasized that a legalized prostitution would help to keep health control of the sex workers, preventing people and themselves to get STD. Besides, pointed the policeman, “they would benefit from social security services, allowances and more health care advantages they do not have now”.

Kalle Klandorf, the mayor of Tallin, agrees with Viks underlining the positive prostitutes' lives improvement, as well as the benefits the country would get from the legalization of this business. However, the Ministry of Justice spokesman, Andres Anvelt, has warned that speaking about prostitution as if it were whatever job, misses out the real world of sexual violence and the sexual workers' rights.

Prostitutes in Barcelona

There is as much prostitution in Barcelona as there is anywhere else in the world, but there is no high-class nightclubs like 
La Vie en Rose in these other places, and we will tell you why.

Recently refurbished with elegant taste, this nightclub is one of the referent places in the Catalan capital city. There is a bar service with a nice atmosphere, where the luxury whores turn up to meet fine gentlemen; there is a relax area for those men who like to take it easy, for instance, there is the chance to have a hot bath with salts before having an erotic massage; there are private rooms to preserve the privacy and discretion, and there is a luxury rooms rental per hours service, where the client can switch off and enjoy for good.

In these rooms, the client can enjoy the intimate contact with the whore he likes and can loosen his passions in
rooms equipped with chromotherapy service, a luxury shower or  bathtub, a 50” flat screen, a Nespresso coffee machine, top hygiene and comfort services, and a strict health control, because the luxury whores undergo frequently blood tests as well as the regular clients -and occasional clients- who want to undergo these checkups.

In order to enjoy the best 
whores in Barcelona  and a wide range of creative and temping sexual services, you can show up at the premises to feel an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.

07 October 2014  - 

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