Contacting mature escorts: 40, 50, 60 and… 70+!

22 August 2016  - 
Contacting mature escorts: 40, 50, 60 and… 70+!

Sex with escorts who are under 25 years old is one of the most demanded services all around the world, but contacting mature escorts to spend a nice evening is also trendy nowadays. We have looked for that kind of sex professionals on the Internet and have found many more results than we expected. After our forties, we get connected to seduction and erotism world. Today on our beloved blog, we will talk about Mrs. Robinson.

Older age, golden age

Religion, habits, traditions and machismos try to program our minds to behave in a certain way while having sex. In many countries, sex is still a male thing. They decide when, how and who with. Women’s role is still underestimated, we don’t need to go to the Middle East to become aware of it. Sex is a powerful pleasing tool, that’s why people who control it are in charge of ruling the world.

We have also been mind-programmed to think that sex is only for young people: two teenagers making out is natural, a man on his fifties and a 20-year-old young girl is acceptable, but what do we think of a sexually active woman on her sixties?

Now, it is possible to register into a mature escorts’ contact site and wait for your phone to ring.

Contacting mature escorts

There are websites specialized in mature escorts older than 50, 60, and even more impressive: 70 or more.

You are probably wondering how a date with a mature escort could be better than a date with a teen university escort. It is simple: experience; we aren’t referring only to experience in sex, but also to experience in escorting a man, chatting, being elegant, having poise, seduction and being charming.

Many clients daydream about being well escorted to an event. So, the perfect option for men on their fifties or sixties is to contact mature escorts and enjoy a different evening.

Mrs. Robinson seduced a hot young boy

We saw this scene in the film “The Graduate”, in 1968. So, the idea of having sex with a mature woman isn’t new. Dustin Hoffman got seduced by Mrs. Robinson. There are few films as erotic as this one. A scorching hot story between handsome and young Hoffman and a hot mature woman.

What was the hottest part of the affair for that boy? That it was a forbidden affair because mature women hardly ever get men in their bed; they aren’t in the best age to fuck. In addition, he may also had felt attracted by Mrs. Robinson’s experience in sex, the art of seduction and her breathtaking beauty. Fifty Shades of Grey is not a patch on The Graduate.

Sex after our forties: a different story

Sex between young people rules our world. However, there are people on their sixties who still want to flirt as if they were on their twenties. They made us believe that sex is only for you8ng people. No way.

An experience with a mature escort means to go one step beyond and reveal sex mysteries thanks to the experience of call girls who fuck way better than any of us. Everybody should take some lessons, even better if they are sex lessons.

If you want to find out more things about this subject, you can go to La Vie en Rose and have a drink while you talk to the luxury escorts who come over to this brothel. Some of them are mature escorts. They are smoking hot and mysterious.

Perfect BBBJ and much more

Some clients we have talked to have confessed that they prefer to date mature escorts for a blowjob, a BBBJ, or a CIM blowjob, although they think teen university escorts are very attractive, too. Mature escorts do it better, -they say-, you can feel their experience; however, escorts on their twenties are perfect for a fuck, while escorts on their forties are better than them because of other reasons.

Clients highlight politeness is among those reasons. “I contact mature escorts to get the very best of this world; I know they won’t deceive me. I also contact them when I need a woman to escort me to an elegant evening and I want to be up to my friends’ expectations. Men think that escorts have to be hot and friendly; men are like this, we like to show off in front of our friends.”

We know that many clients look for mature escorts because of sex and also because they are more skilled in talking to men and understanding them. Reading this may lead some people to think that the last thing they’d do with a slut would be to tell her their troubles, however, it is a fact that many men use their time with an escort to vent their sorrows and find a shoulder to cry on and get comforted.

Meeting mature escorts is the best option to get that. These sex-professionals have more regular clients than other kinds of escorts. Feeling attracted by the idea of fucking a young girl on her twenties can be ephemeral, while the connection with a mature escort can last for years, even for a lifetime.

That is why we can find advertisements on the Internet of escorts who are over 60 or 70 years old. Probably, because they have been sex-professionals for all their life, so many men’s welfare still depends on spending an evening by their side.

Mature escorts are full of mysteries. Hurry up and reveal them all. 

22 August 2016  - 

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