Companions in Barcelona: Not only whores

26 May 2014  - 
Escorts are more than just whores

Many people simply call them whores; the truth is that a companion in Barcelona does much more. An escort’s client looks for sexual satisfaction, of course, but also to strike up a conversation, to have a good time, fun and, of course, affection.

Traditionally, it is thought that a whore is just to hang out with the unique purpose of finding sexual satisfaction. Many women think their partner, if male, has never been in a 
brothel but the truth is that whores are only whores, and they don’t work only to give sexual satisfaction. As such, the accompanying figure was born; women professionally dedicated to sex and going much further.

Since some years ago there’s a study that highlight the high number of men who, at some point in their life, have looked for companions one way or another, nothing less than the 69% of American males, most of them married, with high education and earning an annual salary above average.

If so many men want, again and again, to spend the night or weekend with the companions of the area, it may mean that the service has to be more complete than simply practicing sex, not so difficult to find these days in any whorehouse or in the red area of the city.

The truth is that the statistics show that men of all races, ages and social contexts have 
sex with prostitutes, and many of them want more and more, they claim their company, their conversation, their leisure time having drinks and fun. And, starting the weekend next to a gorgeous and friendly girl is something else.

For many men, companions have turned into their perfect partner, because they comprise many important factors to go out at night in Barcelona, to have fun and finish the day even better. The variety of girls in this profession is very broad, we can find through the website 
escorts in Barcelona from all around the world. It is not important whether they come from, one country or another, because what they offer is the same: very nice company thanks to their beautiful bodies, funny chats, seduction and sex with a professional in La Vie en Rose until dawn.

Companions vs. Bitches

Many of you will think it is the same, but not really. They offer sex for money, however, the companion is willing to offer more, she takes care of her body and pays close attention to her dressing way according to the situation, for example, if she is a University escort, she probably will have a level of conversation that may be interesting to some customers or circumstances, and she is used to going out with different men to enjoy the nightlife in Barcelona and make them have a great time.

We can say that between the companions and bitches the end is the same but the way is very different.

The fantasy of escorts

Among the clients of a luxury escort we can find many different people, but many of them are not happy with sex for money in Barcelona, they enjoy imagining that the relationship is not given by money, but by attraction, sympathy, spark between the escort and the man, seduction, etc.

Companions make this fantasy come true, they go out with the client to have a drink or to have dinner in a nice restaurant, where couples in love go, and they chat before going to bed to have sex, then go dancing in a 
disco and they enjoy like any other couple and finally they finish the journey hastily stripping each other to enjoy their bodies. In short, escorts make male fantasy come true; they have a nice relationship for a while, with complicity and great sex after a great night in bars.

The fight, jealousy, boredom or routine in bed, there are pieces of this puzzle, maybe that's what makes the escorts have a long list of men wanting to date them and have fun, plus, of course, to finish off the evening with wild sex and everything dirty and hot as possible.

Quarrels, jealousy, boredom or routine in bed, are not pieces of this puzzle, maybe that’s the reason why escorts have a long list of men wanting to date them and to have fun with them, and of course, to finish off the night having wild sex and as naughty and hot as possible.

Escorts’ psychology

A high percentage of male users of prostitution confess to meet his girl to talk to her and let off steam and not just for fucking. The number of repeating customers with his lovely bitch because she listens to them and gives affection by her company, cuddling and attention is very high, so psychological support to the customer is also a very important feature in women in the sex industry.

They are not real friends of customers, not their girlfriends or their lovers, but among many of these duets beginning with an economic transaction born a powerful bond that is not only sexual but much deeper.

Escorts in Barcelona ensure that customers who only want sex are much less than those looking for conversation, company and their opinion, because they are women of wide experience, a lot of psychology and much more knowledge of the male mind than another woman with another job.

Eternal profession

For all the mentioned reasons and many more, the escorts have been increasing in number and have their agendas full of appointments with men eager to enjoy sex but also to have fun chatting, confidence and even affection.

If we ask a regular customer about the companions in Barcelona how could end prostitution, he would say that it would only end if there weren’t girls on earth.

What better argument to start legislating in favour of the legalization of such a vast and ignored sector? 

26 May 2014  - 

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