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16 May 2014  - 
An experience with a uni girl escort in Barcelona

Canadian television shows that many students are turning to prostitution to pay their University studies.

Recently one of the richest countries in the world television, Canada, has revealed that many students turn into 
college escorts to pay for their studies. The CBC said that students look for older lover s to pay their student life in exchange for sex. The "sugar daddy “or "sugar mammy " are people , usually middle-aged married who maintain young men and woman for sex .

About 130,000 students publish their profile in the company based in Las Vegas (USA, Seeking Arrangement, where they meet their daddy or mammy to continue their University students in exchange for sex. A 23 year old in a TV interview said that every time she meets her sugar daddy she gets $300. The university escort said this option was much better than working sixteen hours a day during the summer time in order to save money.

One of the website Seeking Arrangement’s responsible said that "sugar babies" have an average age of 26, and some of them request up to $ 10,000 per month.

How this website works this way?

In principle Seeking Arrangement is based on a relationship of agreement in which both sides take a good profit. The university escort joins the network and complete her profile by adding photos, personality description, etc. The customer contacts us via email, free at the beginning, and then they have to pay a fee.

College escort: How is going out with her?

Perhaps one of the most important characteristics of a 
uni girl escort is that she is not a sex professional like other escorts in Barcelona.

They are young girls studying in University, what means they may have education and culture being different from other sex workers. On the other hand, as they tend to be young, maybe immature and not very skilled in the practice of bondage, 
sadomasochism, cross-dressing, etc. . . .

What are the advantages meeting a college escort?

Probably, a lot of freshness and naivety provided by a girl who is not completely in the sex business.

Prostitution costumers like to experience new things, so meeting this kind of girls may be different. Youth and joy are often features of these escorts.
The availability usually is on weekends, because weekdays they are going to class. They usually live alone because the money they earn allows them to have an apartment to attend customers.

There are many nationalities in this kind of escort as in Barcelona there are students from all around the world. They usually are girls although there are also guys who choose this way to pay their degrees. The formula is simple; they get financial compensation in exchange for offering 
sex in Barcelona.

The customer experience

We privately spoke with a client who was interested in having an encounter with a college escort. After making his wish, he said it was one of the best choices because this kind of girls, as they are not engaged in prostitution business, she provided another shade to the encounter.

He was very sexually satisfied. Everything started when he called her to go out on Saturday afternoon. He invited to go around in Barcelona in his car and took her for a drink on a terrace in front of the sea. They held an interesting conversation because the girl was studying Economics and he was devoted to finance. She was 23 years old and she had been with not many customers , so it was a bit innocent and sometimes she felt insecure but far from disturbing the client, the client felt challenged to seduce her and to like her, it was something else than a simple economic transaction.

After a pleasant evening, they had dinner in a restaurant, where the customer kept on enjoying her college escort, and then they went to the 
bar of La Vie en Rose to take another drink. He suggested to rent one of the best rooms, she agreed with him with a shy smile. In the suite, for the first time in this kind of dating , the client felt like kissing her mouth and caressing her body because he wanted to enjoy it and feeling it before revealing all the girl’ secrets.

He described how he unzipped her dress and put his hands to touch her ​​tits and ass, rounded, smooth and perfectly formed. He listened to her quickened breathing; she was enjoying like him, it drove him crazy.
Hurriedly, the 
college escort began to unbutton his shirt and began to touch her breast wanting more. He was very excited and pressed his hips against the girl, who tangled her fingers in his head and deeply kissed him. She asked him how he wanted to do it, he said he wanted to be sucked and he wanted her to lie in bed with her legs wide open, she agreed with a drop of flow streaming down between her thighs.

The rest was an amazing cum, special, different from the others. We asked him what made ​​the experience as unique as he was telling us, and he told that when he was over her fucking saw something in the eyes of the girl as if it was the first time.

Thanks to the customer confessions, we now know that an experience with a college escort has something different to the other escorts in Barcelona, and we have talked to others and they stress this kind of girls fuck more wildly than many professional prostitutes. Quoted as saying, "They are different whores”. It’s something everybody has to try. 

16 May 2014  - 

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