But, what do ladies really want?

09 June 2014  - 
Women's sexual desire
It has been claimed ladies feel comfortable settling down with a long-lasting relationship because they get safety and intimacy, but female nature says otherwise, there is a time when sexual desire vanishes and the new lover comes as a solution.

We know what a gentleman is looking for when he is horny. Usually his sexual desire is about repetition, stability and point-blankness. When a straight man watches gay sex, his reaction is cold-blooded; though if the same man watches straight sex, he immediately will display physical and emotional reactions showing interest in what he is watching; i.e. men do not lead to mistaken conclusions, if they like it they get horny. Full stop.

The success of the blue pill, Viagra, prove how easy a man gets horny; it is simply clockwork, the blood flow increases towards genitalia triggering the penis erection, therefore activating the sexual desire.

Ladies behave totally differently. Measuring the ladies sexual desire through the vagina's lubrication, it triggers its fluid production whether they are watching two ladies, two gentlemen or a lady and a gentleman having sex. That is the point, a lady can display sexual arousal even if she does not want to have sex; this is the reason why a female Viagra has been launched, because physical reactions do not match mental reactions. The lady vagina's might be physically lubricating, however she is not in the mood for sex immediately, while the gentleman is at the second he gets hardened.

That could explain the reason why guys feel happy 
paying for sex, and hanging around with luxury escorts is more than enough to feel OK with themselves.

What do ladies really want

On the one hand, there is evidence ladies are looking for closeness and intimacy in sexual relationships with their partner, and this is usually considered a woman's feature. The natural world teaches us women have one uterus to feed a new life, so they must choose thoroughly their sexual partner; and at the same time, women suffer a higher risk of catching sexual diseases, so they have more reasons to be careful with their sexual partners' choice.

On the other hand, female orgasms take longer, so the chances for a lady to fully enjoy sex with a one night stand male partner are less than his, who always has an orgasm very quickly. The lady's chances to reduce inconvenience and increase pleasure will be getting to know the guy before going to bed with him.

Somehow, ladies are biologically readier than gentlemen to have long-lasting relationships instead of only occasional sexual encounters. Some scientific researches base their monogamy and marriage theories according to the ladies nature, because women enjoy stability and get more sexual pleasure from a long-lasting relationship than from a stranger.

Problem solved?

Not at all; some researches, in which ladies were told they could speak openly about their sexual life because they were strictly confidential, prove how similar their stories were to the guys tell their mates when showing off.

In fact, if ladies could make sure their safety wouldn't be damaged and could guarantee they would be sexually happy and content, they would have as much sex as gentlemen do. Some scientific researches point out ladies are unfaithful and that is the reason why gentlemen suffer from jealousy, why they would be, then? Why do nature has created this alert in men with no apparent reason?.

On the other side, nature has programmed a competitive human sperm. Evolution has enabled women in “mating season” to look for different sexual mates in order to get the best sperm in their vaginas to reach the ovum. In fact, during the fertile days, many women sleep with good seminal quality men, the ones not advisable as long-lasting mates because of their polygamous nature.

Ladies want a long-lasting relationship, but they get more divorced
Women look for a long-lasting relationship because they feel more comfortable; however, they want to divorce more often than men, and they have less chances to find health, happiness and wealth in marriage than guys. Many ladies feel attached to their partner but they do not see a sexual mate in him. When a girl reaches adulthood her libido decreases and so does her sexual interest in her long-lasting partner.

The good guy is boring

If the woman is made for monogamy and marriage, why so many ladies do not feel passion for the faithful and good guy and decide to have one night stands they do not want to talk about?

Recent researches prove the old stereotype of the woman looking for a sexual partner, who provides monogamy and intimacy, is collapsing breaking through a rising, powerful, flexible, complex and even rebel sexuality.

The more arousal, the better

Most ladies have more sex than they used to, no matter if they mate guys or girls. Like gentlemen, the hornier the tighter their sexual point of view; ladies, the hornier the more open their eagerness to try new things, like sex with other ladies.

They want to feel desired

Concluding, we can say women dream about a man who can give them pleasure and who can make them feel desired; and a guy dreams of a girl who gets crazy of pleasure with his skills. After all, ladies are not jealous of unwanted ladies, even though these ones have plenty of orgasms, but they are from those who all men desire.

It has been claimed ladies feel comfortable settling down with a long-lasting relationship because they get safety and intimacy, but female nature says otherwise, there is a time when sexual desire vanishes and the new lover comes as a solution.

09 June 2014  - 

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