Your partner also wants to have fun and experience a night of passion in the company of an amazing escort. We are going to give you some clues about the so called services for couples.

15 June 2017  - 

Are you tired of watching TV series and reach the highest point of the night with a little bit of vanilla sex? It isn’t surprising to us. You only live once and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest at La Vie en Rose. And we don’t leave your partner outside this enjoyment. She also wants to have fun and experience a night of passion in the company of an amazing escort. If you have already thought about this tempting option but don’t know how to suggest it, we are going to give you some clues about the so called services for couples.

Prudish are the worst

If you are luckily or unluckily tied to a prudish, then you should know that your issue could get solved in the most unexpected way. We have heard plenty of anecdotes about the blooming of a sexually-repressed woman. Religion and society put much pressure on the sexuality of women. Don’t ask openly to your partner if she would like to have an escort to take care of her necessities. You’d better drop a hint. A sassy picture, a movie or Mecano’s Spanish song “Mujer Contra Mujer” (Woman vs. Woman) could be your best allies.

After years and years together, your passion has been lost gradually

Other case where a service for couples is the most interesting twist is when after years and years together, your passion has decreased and you need new experiences. In this situation, it’s common to ask openly to our partner what does she think about making out with another woman in front of us. Probably, her face will light up and will at least be interested in seeing how the night unfolds. Some couples relaunch their passion after something like this.

Lustful to the core

Those who like sex and are lustful by nature, surely won’t last long in making a threesome with an escort. Perhaps the woman has it written down on her sex agenda much before the man suggests it. This is the kind of couples that often enjoy the services of an escort and feel curious for any sexual practice. The escort use all her secrets with them. Mild BDSM games, lube, super sexy lingerie. Nothing is too much to these lustful clients.

Undercover lesbianism or bisexuality

Sometimes, women find out their sexuality isn’t as straight as they thought after getting married; or maybe they knew it, but even so, they married. The escorts who offer services for couples have seen it many of those cases. In this situation, although the man was the one who suggested it, the one who will enjoy to the fullest will be the woman. If you suspect your partner could feel more pleasure with a woman than a man, you should suggest her this practice as soon as possible.


Another type who often dates an escort with their partner are voyeurs. These people don’t find having sex as pleasurable as seeing other having it. Watching a couple without being aware during an intimate moment is a common sexual fantasy. Services for couples are perfect for this kind of people. The escort acts as if there was nobody else in the room apart from the girlfriend or wife of the voyeur. This is the best fantasy for a voyeur and escorts are the perfect allies to make it come true.


On the other hand, we have the figure of the exhibitionist. If you are a voyeur, your wife may be one of those people who enjoy being observed. You are the perfect couple to call an escort and live the hottest experience in your lives. Although they aren’t fixed roles, it’s usually the man who wants to watch how his partner has sex with the escort and the woman enjoys knowing her husband is getting the utmost excitement.

Never thought about it

It’s time to open up and think about new experiences. Human sexuality is very complex and cover all kinds of fantasies. You don’t want to miss them all. If your model of couple isn’t among those we described, then you have never thought about making a threesome with your girlfriend of wife. If it’s your case, it’s time to explore further your bedroom or boozy nights with friends.

Girlfriends, wives and also friends

It’s obvious you don’t need a marriage certificate; any couple, marriage, or couple of friends can ask an escort for her services.The only needed is to get rid of your prejudices and taboos and admit that you have to try everything before deciding whether you like it or not.

At home or La Vie en Rose?

The escorts who perform services for couples can get to private homes or wait for their clients in the room while drinking a glass of champagne. Anyway, you and your partner will decide where you want to do it. To some people, their home isn’t discrete because of the watchful eye of the neighbors. To others, their home is the perfect place, where they feel comfortable and have in hand all their sex toys, drinks and so on.

A before and an after?

Don’t be afraid that one of these experiences change your relationship with your partner. Feelings are before any physical matter. So, although you are going through a lustful situation, we are sure your partner wouldn’t change your whole relationship for a moment of debauchery.

Diving in

After saying all this, the only remaining step is to suggest this option to your partner. She may have it in mind but doesn’t know how to tell you. Anyway, it’s always better to solve your doubts out than keeping them in mind. And, if your partner is a hopelessly prudish, you can always find another friend to accompany you. Whatever your situation is, don’t repress your desires. Find someone to share them.

15 June 2017  - 

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