Brazilian Escort. The hottest woman in the world.

21 May 2014  - 
Brazilian escorts in Barcelona

Saying the hottest women in the world are from Brazil may sound like a stereotype, but there are many reasons that have made these females earn the title. Let's do a review of their best features.

Physical variety

The range of choice of Brazilian’s physical variety is really amazing. This is a result of European emigration, mainly Arabian and Asian, I mean, from all over the world, mixed with African and South American natives, so this mixed-race has given the world women of great beauty, amazing combinations and excellent bodies. The result of miscegenation in Brazil has countless physical originating from all different corners of the world.

Although the typical Brazilian woman has brunette skin and hair, but if you want to have 
sex in Barcelona, you can find Brazilian escorts for any taste, blonde, black or brunettes.

Walking the streets of a Brazilian city we can see everything, stunning and statuesque blondes with blue eyes and black skinned with green eyes, curly or straight hair, long hair and bright ginger hair, combined with the typical features of the other globe’s corner.

Gorgeous body

It is not a myth, it's true. In Brazil, of course, there are many millions of people and not everyone has the perfect body but it is true that a walk through the streets shows a high rate of beautiful women, with amazing curves and a beautiful bodies.

An appointment with a 
Brazilian escort will give you the opportunity to have sex with a woman who looks like a goddess on earth; you’ll enjoy her hips, her breasts and her soft skin like no other.

Exuberance is how many people describe in one word a Brazilian woman. Their diet, rich and varied, has helped to shape ripped bodies, with perfect asses, elongated muscles and smart abs and thighs. To sum up, the sun, fruits, music and life on the beach have sculpted these bodies not usual in other countries.


It is another feature of the women from this beautiful country. They use the smile as a way of communicating, a way to connect with the man they are accompanying. The cheerful personality guarantees a lively night, a funny chat that will make us forget everything else while we enjoy our Brazilian escort.

Their joy is contagious and probably you’ll want to repeat the appointment with her after meeting her and inviting her for a drink. If you go out to the disco, you’ll see her dancing for you and you’ll enjoy a night of fun that other nationalities are not able to offer.


After the joy you’ll notice after a drink, you will see her most sensual and hot side. Brazilian escorts seduce by walking and looking, you will quickly realize that. Whether intentionally or not, a Brazilian woman seduces only appearing on stage. It’s enough showing her body hidden under her dress, wiggling while walking towards you and looking at your eyes with her cat eyes till you become prey to her seduction and want to enjoy the night to the fullest with your companion.

Sexual energy

A Brazilian escort personality characteristic is definitely her sexual energy. She may outwardly be calm but don’t be fooled by what you see because inside her there is a woman who enjoys daily sex, freely and uninhibitedly. The heat of her country runs through her veins, as well as the openness about sexual practices.

Brazil is a country where people start sex at an early age. Maybe it's because of the mixture of nationalities and the huge distance from Old Europe and the United States, the reason why sex is not seen as something negative. For them sex is a way to express what's inside, it’s a natural practice of all living and a way to get an explosive physical and mental pleasure.

Therefore, an appointment with a 
Brazilian escort in Barcelona is an appointment with a woman who lives sex freely, who does her best to give you pleasure and to receive it from you.

A special speaking

The sensuality of which we spoke about is emphasized by their accent. The Portuguese spoken in Brazil is not as spoken in Portugal, which kind of sounds like Gallego.

The way a Brazilian talks to you is a sound that envelops the listener and seduces him without noticing. It looks like the singing women of that island who attracted sailors to become their sex slaves’ effect. Who meet up with a Brazilian escort gets entangled in her sensual way of chatting; maybe he’ll stop listening to what she says to be absorbed in the erotic atmosphere.

The perfect companion to see the World Cup

If you are a football fan and require, you should know that a Brazilian is a perfect companion to enjoy a night of “the king of sports " and to end the night in La Vie en Rose playing another match. Going to Brazil may be very uncomfortable; however, you can build a small World Cup next to a Brazilian escort in a room of a brothel in Barcelona.

The appointment may start having drinks in the neighbourhood where you find La Vie en Rose, where there are many bars and restaurants, enjoying the football match with a Brazilian escort, and after having dinner in the area and being seduced by her dancing at a disco, you should end the night in a 
luxury room in La Vie en Rose fucking this Brazilian escort until dawn. 

21 May 2014  - 

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