Bisexual escorts: taste for oysters and snails

20 October 2014  - 
Here's why bisexual escorts are so in demand

If the word “Lesbian” sells like water in a desert, the term “bisexual” is as successful as Coca-Cola cans at a kids' party. Why do men feel so attracted to ladies who have sex with other ladies, whereas women do not feel so attracted to men who have sex with other men? How weird mankind can be in sexual matters! Today in our blog we will talk about the bisexual escorts' subject, these ladies are stepping forward among the uni girls escorts and the senior escorts race.

If you want to seduce someone, say you are bisexual

Yes, indeed, to claim about your own bisexual condition means to become the most popular guy or chick in a party, or else the gossip subject in society, and the trending topic amongst your friends' conversations as well. However, being bisexual does not mean life is all that beautiful and perfect. If there are many people who do not understand the sexual orientation of a gay man or a Lesbian woman, there are even less people who can understand that someone has taste for both oysters and snails.

Gay rights constant fights have won some respect among society, always depending if there is in a rural or a urban environment; besides Lesbian women are really invisible in the general public eye. But, what do we have to say about bisexual people? Well, they do not seek plain sex, they go for the whole body and mind features of the individual. Is there anything more beautiful? Let's heave a deep sigh together...

Bisexual escorts experience the same mental and physical attraction for both genders, men and women. Clients call eagerly for them, these escorts are very valued when they are required to do a threesome, because they give their hearts out biting the other escorts' thighs with the same passion the client would do; if they show real attraction, and there is no fake or no pretending in the actions, the client who wants to win the gold medal in the sex Olympic games with two prostitutes, will really appreciate it.

No misunderstandings, neither greed

Many jibes the bisexual escorts have suffered are really foolish and thick-minded, these are words like “you are very greedy” or sentences like “you don't know what you want”. Far from it, a bisexual escort knows perfectly what she wants, she does not want something in particular, gender is not a problem for her, since she feels attraction for more than one gender, as yet there are only two, she feels attraction for both.

Probably there are more bisexual escorts than the ones who advertise as such, since the surveys and researches claim that the general female gender -around a 70%- and most of the male gender -around a 60% approx- are bisexual but do not dare to confess it, maybe ever to admit it to themselves, but data show the fact clearly to the world. Maybe someone can be slightly bisexual, or half-half, or can feel more attraction to one gender than the other, but actually, and not in rare occasions, someone would confess an eventual homosexual attraction towards someone else.

An appointment with a bisexual escort

Sometimes other escorts feel jealous and challenged by these prostitutes capable of giving the world in the typical female rivalry. A uni girl escort has the youth asset, a senior escort has the experience in seduction asset, and the bisexual escort has an unbeatable asset, the ability to enjoy company of another woman in bed in the same condition than a man would, and that is the top sale service.

We have spoken with a client about his experience with a bisexual escort, and he told us: “The top sexual fantasy of a guy is to screw two prostitutes. Why? Simply because you get bonus pleasure, and everything is aimed to you; they give everything off to the man, and work exclusively for him, there are two ladies for the man's pleasure, and that truly turns him on. This is the main reason why I love bisexual escorts, if I go out with a bi escort, I like making out with a girl in a club as well, later on renting a luxury room per hours, and then have sex the three of us. If I do that with a whore who is not into it, she really can be a cock block”.

One of the most in demand bisexual escorts tells us the secret of her success, “Very often, the client wants a bisexual escort when a third part is going to play the game, because he knows I always will be OK with that, besides watching us -the two girls together- will really turn him on. It is an asset we have, and we must get profit from it. My best bookings are the ones I am with another prostitute in the bedroom. I always liked men and women, there is no problem for me if I have sex with a lady or a guy, I simply have to like them and they have to turn me on. I am lucky, I can sleep with anybody who also feels like doing it, I have no limits, and the client really appreciates that”.

Duplex threesome, Lesbian sex, and sexual parties , the top services in demand

As one could imagine, the most required bisexual escorts' services are the best rated in the lists, since those are the ones that include another one or more prostitutes. Some clients start asking for a duplex threesome, a service where the gentleman enjoys two ladies who never touch each other but him, and then carry on with Lesbian sex, where the three of them have sex with each other, a proper threesome, yet everything will turn out more natural if the escorts are bisexual; when we talk about a sexual party, there should be a general bisexual acceptation, since there will be more steak and sauce for everybody.

Ah, bisexuality... This no-man's land, not fully accepted yet by the general public, that would free us all if there were more acceptance of it. We would fuck off religion's rules and the establishment, and we would sleep with the individual we would feel like at the moment. For now, bisexual escorts are a wonderful and very valued bite, these are ladies who can make the client's night a wild sexual experience, he will recall with a broad smile until the last day of his life.

20 October 2014  - 

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