Barça and Madrid Prostitutes

23 April 2015  - 
Barça and Madrid Prostitutes

We have talked many times on our beloved blog about the economically worthwhile soccer-prostitution pairing. Men are obsessed with running and kicking a ball. Some people say that sports nowadays are the former prehistoric hunting. In the past, men ran after wisents and mammoths; nowadays, a ball with the “Nike” trademark stamped on it moves the world.

The soccer show makes adrenaline start pumping when your team gets close to the opposing goal lodge; and of course also makes you feeling devastatingly down –even having psychotic breaks – if your team loses a match. Sometimes, soccer supporters, aka hooligans, meet to beat themselves to a pulp. And sometimes, somebody dies in the middle of such a nonsense fight.

Paid sex is very powerful! The soccer experience turns to be complete by having a date with a prostitute at your hotel, or a prostitute at home. This is a match where everybody wins: men win the sweet taste of victory, and prostitutes earn their salary.

All nightclubs and brothels around the world, from the smallest village to the greatest city, usually look forward to these soccer matches to happen.

The coolest soccer match is that played between Real Madrid and Barça. There are opinions for every taste about the match, but having a date after a match beats any other opinion.

Sex, Barça and Madrid

If we join the words sex, Barça and Madrid, countless talks arise. Probably, half of the chatting in bars and pubs in this country is about that.

Those who don’t practice sex talk about it, if it’s any consolation prize. Those who feel down because of their team defeat can always exchange comments and insult with their bar mates. But the best part of the whole thing is to celebrate victory.

Hugging euphorically a complete stranger, touching his balls, kissing him on the cheek or even on the mouth are totally acceptable behaviors between soccer supporters, because soccer players also do it! After hugging, touching, and kissing each other they are completely turned on, so they call prostitutes who do outcalls to hotels, or come over to La Vie en Rose to know what’s cooking there, and play to get the hottest escort.

A match between Barça and Madrid gives rise to many other things such as fucking like real champions and pay well for it. Prostitutes make their night; they sell the wishful feeling of victory. And clients feel as if they were real kings of the world; they feel the joy of the victory. Everybody wins here.

Barça, Madrid, Prostitutes

Many men don’t ask for anything else in their life. And, prostitutes who work nearby the soccer stadiums make a killing with soccer supporters’ disappointments and victories.

But, the sexual trance involved in soccer doesn’t limit to soccer supporters, but also to soccer star players. Let’s explain some of the scandals starred by players who fell in the arms of the most daring and beautiful prostitutes.

Stars also slip

Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema, Hatem Ben Arfaand, and Sidney Govou –all of them starring soccer players of the national French soccer team– took part in a prostitution scandal involving underage girls.

Peter Crouch, player of the English team, got an unforgettable night of passion with the prostitute Monica Mint in Madrid for the reasonable amount of € 1,200.

Ronaldo, renowned Brazilian player, didn’t hesitate to leave her girlfriend at home, then hire three transsexual escorts, and take them to a hotel. But, he discovered to his surprise that the transsexual escorts were professional extortionists who ask him for € 20,000 to keep their silence. However, it seems that the player didn’t surrender to that blackmail, because his slip travelled all around the world.

The Czech team was photographed in the middle of a sexual encounter with prostitutes after having lost a match between them and the Slovak team (2-1). Their disappointment was so high that they need prostitutes to cheer them up.

And the Israeli team also needed emotional support after losing against Denmark (8-0). The people responsible for cleaning complaint about the huge amount of condoms they had to collect the following day. At least Israeli players were concerned about AIDS.  

Clubs and soccer

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23 April 2015  - 

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