Escorts have to be present at bachelor parties. This celebration is the perfect excuse to have a party with friends.

04 May 2017  - 

As fishes are to sea, smoking to Marlene Dietrich or wine to life greatest moments, so are escorts to bachelor parties. This celebration is the perfect excuse to have a party with friends. Some years ago we started to sea with some suspicion those crazy nights in the movies. Nowadays, bachelor parties with escorts are part of the parties any man attends. Let’s see what this service offers us.

How the story has changed

From a few years back to the present day, bachelor parties have changed a lot. If some decades back the days before getting married didn’t imply any special party for the groom, nowadays it’s the opposite.

Let’s imagine we are finally getting married and, besides the great ceremony there is nothing else to celebrate. How boring! However, bridegrooms today don’t want such a bland transition; on the contrary, they dream of the blast that, in many cases, they’ve never had before.

Is the bachelor party the craziest night of their live for some? Yes, of course it is. Hence, the rising demand of this service. Nobody wants to miss it.

Premiering with an escort?

And besides the great party the group of friends is waiting to share, how many grooms lose their virginity that night? In principle, few but chatting with the escorts we draw other conclusions.

“I work in bachelor parties with other girls and it’s unusual to meet a virgin groom but it has happened before. When you are with him you notice it’s the first time he’s been with a woman, before you know it, he has come”, the Cuban escort comments.

Whether in the context of this celebration or not, many men still search for their first time in the arms of a sex professional. When one is 20, it’s not comfortable to admit to their girlfriend they are still virgin. What to do in this situation? True friends pull out their wallets and gather the money needed to treat their party friend to a night with an escort.

And what about when one is still a virgin at 40? It’s worst. Women who’ve heard it from his own lips, if they haven’t intuitively guessed it before, run away and exclaim “there’s something wrong with him”, “he is a freak” or “I can’t be bothered to teach him to do a cunnilingus on me”.

Let’s imagine an even worst scenario. The phantom of repression has kept the couple in line ever since they first met. Finally they are going to get married and locked into a room but, he doesn’t know what to do!

Possible solutions to great problems

We are facing an emergency situation. Street vendors sell porn magazines and highways are full of roadside brothels and despite that, he’ll still be a virgin on his wedding night!

That’s not right. If he couldn’t premier himself before, or even, if he has done it but has only practiced the so called vanilla sex, he must get the services of an escort as soon as possible. Many men admit having premiered sexually with a prostitute. Nothing wrong with that!

Again, female and male virginity have a double standard yardstick, with a few kilometers long difference. If the world has established that the more sex a woman practices the worst reputation she has; the man that lacks a sexual life is deemed useless.

How much of it is true?

It’s a hundred per cent true. At least culturally we take it for granted. We live in a period in which sex is very important and closely related to social success. Which is why, celebrations such as bachelor parties with escorts are so in fashion.

Girls, not to stay behind, celebrate theirs with male strippers doing the same kind of show as the escorts, although the later go even further.

Sex with escorts at my bachelor party

Many men think that hiring the services of an escort sex is included. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each client is a world in itself and each service doesn’t imply the next.

Striptease, lap dance, lesbian, disguises, fantasies and sex. Everything can be part of a bachelor party but not necessarily. The group of friends has to state what they want. And, in case the groom is a virgin, solve the situation as soon as possible.

Pleasure’s wide range

The escorts say on their profile their range of sexual services. If we are interested in making X dream come true, we must pay attention to the practices they perform as sex professionals to choose the right escort.

Deep Greek, golden shower, cross dressing, sexual toys, trios, lesbian, voyeurism or fetishes. The truth is the human mind has no end as far as pleasure goes.

If you are already an expert in the pleasures of the flesh, you can choose a saucier bachelor party. Chains and leather call your attention? Also ropes and being tied? Then your thing would be an experience with an escort expert in light, mild or had BDSM.

A sexual party

The bachelor party may start with striptease and other hot scenes but can turn into something wilder. It may be the right time for the great party among friends, a sexual party.

In this celebration, it doesn’t matter if anyone hadn’t tried a woman before. Lines are blurred and everything is sex with escorts.

Fulfilled fantasies and a before and after in the life of those friends who took part on it. A sexual party is the best way to say goodbye to a friend’s bachelorhood or to celebrate any important event in his life.

04 May 2017  - 

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