The term “role” comes originally from the English language. Many escorts are specialized in different games or roles, therefore, they can put themselves into somebody else’s shoes and live a unique and surprising experience.

27 November 2017  - 

Dating an escort can be much more than sex. Imagination spreads when it comes to having fun with an stranger and surpassing what we already know. Many escorts are specialized in different games or roles and can offer the client a fuller date than those who only focus on the Eleven Minutes Paulo Coelho talks about.

With the aim of opening minds and coming up to new ideas, we are suggesting a series of roles with escorts for the newbies and also the most daring. A romantic date kind of a girlfriend experience or one where you’ll adopt the submissive role? You choose the intensity of your greatest moment with the escort.


The term “role” comes originally from the English language. In a theater play, actors adopt a role. For the same rule, in a date with an escort, both the escort and her client can put into somebody else’s shoes and live a unique and surprising sexual experience. If you are looking for something new in bed beyond the “eleven minutes”, keep reading.

Cosplay escorts

If you are fascinated by Manga, anime or Marvel characters, you don’t have to leave everything in the world of sexual fantasies, they can be your companions in a suite. Cosplay escorts are specialized in these characters and will be glad to make you enjoy sex in a totally different way.

Those people who were in love with Candy Candy in their childhood, those who have just discovered Wonder Woman and those who fantasized about the enigmatic main character of Ghost in the Shell can now get ready for their dates. Cosplay escorts can make your dreams come true with a full cosplay of the character of your dreams and the hottest and most imaginative role play you have ever experienced. Choose your character and ask your escort to become the character you like and let your imagination fly away.


She as a man and he as a woman. The fantasy of cross-dressing is pretty common in men. Sometimes, they want to experience the sexual life of a inhibited wife doomed to have unaccomplished dreams in between her daily chores. Others want to be a whore in the hands of her client or any other stereotyped female character.

Dildos and the other sex toys take part in this role play where the escort plays perfectly the role of a man. Suit and tie, flat-soled shoes, hair gel and a good strap-on between her legs are the basic elements in this fetish.


The dominatrix role is a part of the experience of sadomasochism and bondage, commonly shortened in the acronym BDSM. If you have already played a role play with an escort and you are looking for something more intense, you can raise to mild BDSM or hard BDSM with an expert in this fantasy.

As its own name suggests, she’ll be the one to take control over a session of BDSM by infringing pain and humiliation according to the codes you have agreed beforehand.

It can include sex or not, although the most common is that the submissive has to worship the mistress and touch her only when she decides to get off her imaginary pedestal.


The submissive role is a role of consented and desired humiliation. Although in BDSM one seems to be over the other, everything is actually agreed. If there’s a dominatrix, it is because there’s a submissive who needs it.

Whips, crops, rope, leather, strap-ons, clamps, masks, latex, tacks and a long etcetera are some of the elements that take part in this fantasy. The client can live this experience tied to a bed, chained to a wall or the ceiling, we don’t know how far he needs to go to feel sexually satisfied.

The escort will need to know everything you are looking for in this experience, maybe you don’t want to be the submissive, but the dominant. You only have to have a conversation with the escort and ask her to reach an agreement.


If BDSM world isn’t for you, we suggest the GFE or girlfriend experience. In it, everything is warm and loving, given that the aim of this is to play the role of a boyfriend and getting love and sex as if you were a real couple.

From start to finish, GFE is a role play. It can only last for an hour or maybe more, but always acting as a couple. Now that French-kissing, caressing and the couple experience are included, we should agree the kind of sex we want with the escort.

You may think that sex in GFE includes bareback blowjob and sex without a condom, but most of the escorts don’t agree this concept and will answer that real couples also use condom. Everything is a matter of reaching an agreement with her.

Japanese romance

One step further the GFE is the Japanese romance. We have heard crazy suggestions from Japan, but the romance one is the winner.

If GFE last for some hours, the romance lasts for weeks and even months. In this role play, the client presents a full story including flirting, seduction, conquest and ending. The client and the escort play their roles and live the story exactly as it was intended.

Service for couples

To gain more complicity with your partner and break the routine of your sexual life, you can come up with a role play that includes an escort. At this point, your imagination will fly away and result in dozens of possibilities. From experiencing the role of a voyeur to a exhibitionist or practicing a lesbian among others are some of the ideas we suggest. We have exposed some of the best suggestions, now you only have to start trying them.

27 November 2017  - 

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