5 postures to enjoy with a luxury escort this Christmas

Christmas is approaching and with them magic and passion. So if you want to know more about how to enjoy sex this Christmas holidays, you better keep reading us.

30 November 2018  - 
5 postures to enjoy with a luxury escort this Christmas

There are still a few weeks left to enjoy the Christmas holidays, but it is true that the advice never hurts. The holidays are dates to enjoy them and to have fun with family and friends, and then at a more intimate and sexual level.

Celebrate these dates of magic and Christmas spirit with the most pleasing postures, and best of all, is to enjoy them with a beautiful and seductive luxury escort.

Not all sexual positions are pleasurable for everyone, or they do not like to practice certain postures, but many times they turn a blind eye, and people dare to practice sex a little less routine than they have, and what better to do with a escort for Christmas.

But ... What postures do we recommend so that you can do it, wildly, this Christmas?

The postures for Christmas

As we have said, not all positions are suitable for all audiences, and those that are more "special" even less, but at Christmas everything is allowed.

Enjoy and enjoy in bed, with a good company and let go by passion is something that can be considered idyllic in the dates. Below we show some of the most acclaimed postures for the festivities.

The antelope

This is one of those postures that are done outside the bed, that is, that you do not have to lie down inside it, but you can, and should, practice elsewhere.

The female part must be placed on the knees on the floor, and lean on the bed, while the male is placed behind her, also kneeling, and can penetrate, both vaginally and anally.

The juicer

This posture is done in bed. It consists of the man laying down the bed (it is more comfortable) and the other part is placed on top of him, but giving him the backs. However, we must be careful with this position, because the introduction of the penis will be contrary to the usual, and the fold of it also.

From a more passive position, the man can see the movements of the penetration, as well as the stimulation of the woman by the anal area. We advise you to talk about this last thing before going to fuck, because not all women like anal sex.

The erotic V

This is a bit traditional, but it always turns out to be extremely pleasurable. Here you can put aside the bed, and enjoy with a woman of company in our luxury hotel.

Do it on the dresser or the table in the room and put the legs of the luxury escort on your shoulders, and penetrate it.

The note X

For that position you have to have flexibility and agility to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. As if you were doing the 69, but without eating (you can also make eye!), And you fit as a puzzle.

Once this lace is made, you should go with a bit of care with the extremities and not go through with force, because you can hurt yourself. But this position is very exciting.

The monkey (or the skier)

Suitable, above all, for men with big penises, the monkey or the skier is one of the most pleasurable postures for both women and men.

On this occasion, the man has to lie on his back and knees bent. At the intersection where the penis appears, the woman must sit on top and make the passion intoxicate them both, while he stimulates her clitoris.

30 November 2018  - 

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