3GSM World Congress Barcelona

13 February 2015  - 
3GSM World Congress Barcelona

3GSM World Congress is taking place 2nd to 5th March, 2015 in Bacelona. What is the meaning of this interesting acronym? Global System for Mobile Communications. For some years we have been immersed in technology; the mobile phone has been the key to human beings forgetting the real world and getting absorbed by the screen of their beloved and smartphone. Let's take a look at this world-renowned congress.

3GSM World Congress: The event itself is spectacular

You don't need anything but you mobile phone to enjoy your time. The previous phones which didn't allow us to access to the Internet are now obsolete, only our grandparents use them. Everything becomes easy if you have an Android or a Mac nearby. It sounds unreal, but it is not.

3GSM World Congress is an event in which the most amazing things are shown to the world; holograms, robots, astral trips, teleportation and a universe of entertainment. The most revolutionary apps, the most complete gadgets and other things that can make you spend thousands of Euros and still be happy.

It's the highlight of the year for many people. They like to meet in beautiful Barcelona, dive into the latest wireless mobile technology and close million-dollar contracts.

A day at 3GSM World Congress is tiring. From early in the morning, businessmen and women run from room to room trying to close  the deals that could be the turning points in their careers. If they fail, they may want to to their their hair out.

Samsung and Apple will rule, like the Queen of Hearts in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,  and the rest of us willl be amazed by their shows. 3GSM World Congress brings out the best, but drains all the money in your bank account, just in the blink of an eye!

3GSM World Congress: The escorts make a killing

Executives are provided with businnes cards, so they can make overtures to important people and make progress with their business. Well, who better than a great escort to help them to get the prize?

At La Vie en Rose you can find the highest-regarded luxury escorts in Barcelona. They are impressive escorts, classy, passionate and hot.

Ambitious executives have a full agenda during the Congress, and the same goes for escorts. Without a doubt, the best way to close a deal is by ending the day or beginning the night by the side of one of these escorts.

One of the best escorts from Barcelona explained to us how the Congress went last year. "I had many dates. Before the 3GSM World Congress opening, there were businessmen visiting the city already. After a very hard day of work, they were looking forward to meeting me, having a drink and having sex with me. Those are long, hard days for executives and escorts. Everything is stressful to them, so they become more demanding. In addition, the mixture of nationalities and traditions makes an explossive cocktail. It's is like studying a university degree in one week; very intense and fulfilling, but so hard at the same time. Not everybody can be a escort at 3GSM World Congress".

It's a very attractive combo, indeed: 3GSM World Congress and escorts in Barcelona. The suggested place for your glorious and desirable date is the La Vie en Rose bar, just in case you didn't book a date with one of these passionate goddesses beforehand.

3GSM World Congress and night life

The executives from 3GSM World Congress are mostly men, like 90 % of attendants. There are huge amounts of testosterone, and you can imagine how it is released, can't you?

However, the night at La Vie en Rose can start in many different ways. There is a bar area, where you can meet the escorts while you have a drink. The relax area is desired by those who want to switch off their minds in the arms of a pretty escort. Bathtubs and foam, warm lighting and quiet music; nothing better than a bath with her to forget the 3GSM World Congress.

La Vie en Rose's suites reflect the balance between modernity and sophistication. Luxury bathtub or shower, huge bed, plasma screen television, chromotherapy, and hygiene standards guaranteed by the ISO90001 certificate. La Vie en Rose is the first club which has the highest quality certification.

You can visit our facilities, or you can also make a call to arrange a date with one of the best escorts in the city.

3GSM World Congress should not be a simple exchange of work and money from one company to another, it must be mental and physical pleasure. Nothing better than the companionship of a luxury escort who can accompany you wherever you need to go and who is an expert in all manner of sexual practices to enjoy when work is done and sex takes over.

If 3GSM World Congress is a dream for followers of mobile technology all around the world each year in Barcelona, the escorts from La Vie en Rose will leave you speechless thanks to their sculpted figures, friendly manners and sexual abilities.

As you can imagine, good escorts are hard to find, so we would advise you to make a call and ensure your perfect evening after the 3GSM World Congress.

13 February 2015  - 

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