Internet has opened the sex gate and people have stopped acting like puritans. Nowadays, having a sexual encounter is as easy as going to the market for snacks.

02 April 2019  - 

Sex, like everything else, has speed up and we think that the more we fuck, the better. And, despite all this openness, the paid-sex sector is still rising. There are more girls appearing and everyone has her audience. There aren’t escorts left on her own. Being sex so accessible, why do men keep going punting?

Today on our beloved blog, we are wondering this question and giving four possible answers to it. We have talked to the clients of La Vie en Rose about this subject and have come to four main reasons. Sex, fun, discretion and fantasies are important reasons to go punting, it doesn’t matter you go alone or accompanied by friends, there are even couples who go punting.

Sexual parties with friends

The escorts have told us about their craziest nights with their clients. Some of them know how to have fun and arrange a bachelor’s party. Others would rather celebrate their birthday with escorts and some of their best wingmen.

It’s always possible to find a reason to meet the hottest call girls in Barcelona and go with the flow. Exhibitions and businesses can be the perfect occasion to invite those special clients you have just closed a deal with to go punting.

Although birthdays, bachelor parties and exhibitions are the perfect occasions to arrange a sexual party, the truth is that it isn’t necessary to have a concrete reason to spend a crazy night accompanied by escorts.

It would be difficult to arrange something like that with your girlfriends or girls you’ve just met. Escorting services are unbeatable to arrange something like that. Professional, hot, discreet and very lustful. It would also be hard to find an appropriate place for that celebration. All those problems get solved when we arrange a sexual party at a specialized brothel.

At La Vie en Rose, there are rooms which are designed particularly to hold this kind of celebrations. A pole where the escort dances provocatively, music and adjacent suites to intimate with the escort just in case the chance arises.

Enjoying beauty without compromise

Some clients point out how easy is to meet a gorgeous girl without having to be in a relationship. “If you are hungry, you’ll want to be served as soon as possible. You don’t want to beat around the bush, neither to get involved with the cooker; you only want to eat. The same happens to me. When I want to get a quickie, I don’t want to choose a girl that I like, then start talking to her, etc, and in case we have sex, I don’t want her to call me after it. We had sex and that’s all, but many girls don’t understand it like that. That’s why I like meeting escorts, doing whatever I feel like with them and then everyone minds their own business.”

Although nowadays sex is much more accessible than in the last years thanks to women’s sexual liberation -now they aren’t worried anymore about their reputation-, there are men who are still sexually unsatisfied.

The escorts and sluts’ role fits perfectly there, satisfying the masculine instincts as soon as they appear. Men can enjoy all the sex they want, different positions and fantasies only through an agreement and money. Afterwards, it isn’t needed to give explanations, nor to be worried about making a good impression, a premature ejaculation, or a lost of your erection.

Going far beyond in sex

One of the most important reasons that the clients of La Vie en Rose have pointed out is that they can make the wishes they want and the escort makes them happen. “The only thing you have to do is to look at her list of services. If you feel like getting anal sex, you just have to choose a girl who performs it and meet her. This is very difficult to get in the street.”

Spending a night at a nightclub is a lost of time and a torment to many men; overall, if they are older than a certain age and aren’t able to move at the dance floor and try to flirt until the last minute. “Sometimes I go out partying and spend the same money in inviting girls for a drink and get peanuts from them. I’d rather go punting and ask the escort to do exactly what I feel like to.”

Discretion at your full disposal

The blowjob and vaginal sex is the most common among clients’ likings, however, many of them have more refined likings like trios, or different types of fantasies.

For better and worse, the discretion of the best escorts in Barcelona is widely renowned. Many clients pay big amounts of money almost exclusively for this detail, which is highly important to them.

Doing what you want in bed, perking your booty up to be introduced a huge dildo; dressing as a woman; playing with urine and experience a golden shower; trying sex with lady-boys and many more things, these are the kind of experiences pertaining to the top secret category; more than secret, given that many clients are publicly renowned.

Discretion is a very valued trait in the world of escorts and clients. Men who want to have sex with an escort don’t want people to know it. And even more, if they request the special services we have mentioned.

And, a last reason to go punting, although it may seem a contradiction, are the health controls that the escorts of La Vie en Rose are invited to take. They always have safe sex, they know how to avoid sexual transmitted diseases and often have blood controls. There are many people in the streets who can’t say the same.

02 April 2019  - 

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