Japan, the king of the dirtiest and naughtiest fantasies. The father of geishas and Japanese escorts in Barcelona. An overwhelming sexuality, the Japanese.

30 January 2017  - 

On any street, a vending machine of schoolgirl stockings. Other showing used knickers. Mature men reading porn comics without hiding.

This is Japan, the country which makes the others look like puritans.

Japan, the king of the dirtiest and naughtiest fantasies. The father of geishas and Japanese escorts in Barcelona. Today on our beloved blog, we are going to track the trace of an overwhelming sexuality. The Japanese.

A butt restaurant

Japanese are amazing. Who would ever have thought about opening a bar to literally eat butts? We aren’t exaggerating. They really exist. The client sits on a chair facing a wall where it is a glory hole with a butt. On the other side, there’s a Japanese girl looking at her smartphone.The man can admire, touch and lick as much as he wants.

Ear cleaning and a happy ending

Incredible. Except for the Japanese, nobody else could join two unalike things. To them, the ear cleaning is something maternal, an experience of trust because the inner ear is very sensitive and difficult to access. Japanese people think it is romantic and exciting. If someone can touch your ear, she also can blow you, right?

The client places his head on the escort’s lap and she cleans his ears. From one thing to the other, we all know how this works. A blowjob is wonderful to have a perfect experience. If you go there and want to have a ear cleaning and a blowjob after it, you have to inform the madame of the “mimimaki” brothel and your desires will be fulfilled.

Gaman Kao: The patient face

One of the weirdest Japanese fetishes are the porn movies showing a patient face. In them, the actress show her face through a hole. In the adjacent room, they perform every kind of sexual scenes, but she limits to observe them patiently. The film only shows her face.

Datch Waifu: the Dutch wife

Datch Waifu has its origins in the Dutch sailors who hugged a pillow while they slept to ease their blistering heat. The Japanese version of this is an erotic doll which can cost up to 6,000 dollars. If the client isn’t happy with it, he can return it to the manufacturer, who will arrange a funeral for the doll.

Enjoying farts

Japanese women have been traditionally educated not to fart in front of any man. But, they didn’t want to miss this experience and have made a real fetish of it.

The client wants to hear, smell and feel the girls’ farts. The stronger and smellier, the better. The way to proceed is to stick the face to their butt and not to miss any detail.

Pillows with Manga drawings

Another of the freaky fetishes are pillows with Manga characters. Don’t fool ourselves, those pillows have a very specific purpose. They have a hole which can be removed and washed. One can direct the strategy of Nissan at day and rub his penis with a pillow at night.

Ha Daisuki: a healthy mouth

The fantasy of the mouth, not for blowjobbing, but for the simplest thing. It’s a fetish that consists of watching people as they eat, brush their teeth, use dental floss and mouthwash. And chewing gum is highly erotic. Does it surprise you?

Imekura: an exciting place

Actually, the recreation of places to enjoy sexuality isn’t a Japanese concept. We can find alike places all around the world. However, when it comes to talking about weird fetishes, Japón is a clear winner.

Imekura consists of the fantasy of the scene or place where sex is practiced. It can represent a plane, a classroom, a train car full of people. In fact, the trains of Tokyo were separated by sex years ago to avoid the sexual abuse that women reported everyday.

Hair cut

The same that mouth and teeth brush fetishists, hair cut fetishists aren’t interested in sex, or nudity. The “porn movies” for this audience show a model with a long wig who gets a new look.


Japanese men feel aroused by seeing two women slapping themselves. It makes them very horny. The porn movies of this subgenre film girls slapping each other pretending they don’t expect the slaps.

Furthermore, the recorders go out to the streets and ask women to slap other women unexpectedly. We suppose they get a big reward for it. Or maybe slapping other women makes them horny as well.

Bebigyaru or Kosupure

Bebigyaru is the word for a baby girl. The obsession of Japanese for costumes goes far beyond than we expect. It is a fantasy born some years ago and created by middle-age men who are fed up with working. Coming home, putting on some diapers, drinking in a baby bottle, and even sucking a breast, that was all what they wanted in life.

Zettai Ryokiu, the absolute gap

If you have ever seen a Japanese girl wearing short mini-skirts and stockings, you know already what this fantasy is about. The model of this fetish are Manga drawings, comics and movies. What is exciting to them is that visible gap between the stockings and the mini-skirt which they call “the absolute gap”.

We can follow forever. Investigating the fantasies of the Land of the Rising Sun. Japan lead the way in fetishes. And that’s not all, they also cook well!

30 January 2017  - 

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