The acronym GFE or girlfriend experience refers to dating an escort pretending you have a common relationship.

10 October 2017  - 

The acronym GFE or girlfriend experience refers to dating an escort pretending you have a common relationship. In this service, the escort expects to cover other aspects apart from the sexual needs of their clients. If the best sex with the hottest escorts in Barcelona isn’t all what you are looking for, you can try the girlfriend experience any Sunday afternoon while you watch a movie on your couch.

Girlfriend Experience in Barcelona

We have explained many times the differences between the commonly known as whores and escorts. Perhaps, this is one of the most obvious. Ordinary sex workers don’t even consider to offer the girlfriend experience to their clients. There’s no time to waste in the sexual intercourse between them and their clients. The quicker everything runs, the better. The sexual practice reduces only to that, without any other nuances.

The girlfriend experience is something that goes further. One of the clients who has tried it told us that it’s one of the most complete services. “To me, it is important to feel some kind of a connection with the escort beyond sex. I like there’s some affection, too. I often feel better with that than only with sex. When I call an escort for a girlfriend experience, we meet at my home, I usually cook, listen to music or watch a TV series. Sex comes afterwards, but in a different way.”

An amazing girlfriend

GFE isn’t only about watching movies on the couch, it also can be the perfect service whenever we are invited to a social event and don’t have a partner. The escort can act as the partner of the client in all the aspects, not only in the privacy of a hotel room.

“I have escorted some of my clients to weddings, for instance. They didn’t have a partner and were fed up with their relatives’ questions about their love life. In such cases, I play the girlfriend role to the last consequence. I caress, kiss, dance with my hands around his neck and make him cause a good impression.”

The advantage of taking an escort to a social event and not a stranger we don’t truly know is that the escort will know how to act and be up to the expectations, in addition to be a professional of sex, which the client will be able to enjoy if they agree it so.

There are many occasions where we attend a wedding, for instance, in the company of the wrong person. Maybe she hasn’t good manners or makes us look bad; all that without having in mind that when it comes to sex, it can get worse. This is something we will avoid when attending with an escort who is expert in girlfriend experience.

Love story on demand

As many other times, Japan is the winner of it. If GFE is a very useful experience when it comes to attending to a social event or getting a love dose in a rainy evening, Japan has turn something exceptional into a real relationship on demand.

In Japan, it’s possible to buy a whole romance. In this experience, the client and his chosen escort become a couple after a courtship, they have couple problems and, after a love storm, it arrives to a sad ending.

This is like buying a movie script and living it, or writing ourselves what we want to live. Gifts, surprises, loads of romanticism, sex without condom, kissing, a yes, a no; everything can be part of our love story on demand.

Sex with a girlfriend

The sex with a girlfriend is something very different from the sex with a professional. Clients who would rather live a girlfriend experience are looking for a different relationship. In theory, it includes all the important details of sex in a relationship. Some escorts, after the pertinent health tests, consent to have sex without a condom, but it isn’t the usual. Kissing, caressing, conversation, romanticism, bareback oral sex and many other details take part in the GFE.

To many clients, having sex doesn’t have more effect than an orgasm and the enjoyment of the experience, however, that isn’t enough to others and want to feel something more personal.

If it should come to the situation where you are single and miss the intimacy with a woman, the girlfriend experience is the best answer. Although it is just a sexual service, it isn’t the same to live it in one or another way.

The sex we have sharing an intimacy is a way of filling up with energy, ease concerns and cheer up the soul to many people, not only to women.

Why do we have sex?

We have written about this matter in more than one of our posts. The answer, after having corroborated it with a group of psychologists, is plainly simple. We have the need to connect with other humans to feel alive and a part of the world.

If we think it through, we may agree with it because the main reason why we have sex isn’t procreation; in fact, most times we have sex, we aren’t looking for descendants. Nor it is self pleasure, since masturbation could perfectly cover that need. Neither it is plain pleasure, since sex doesn’t mean pleasure is guaranteed, neither a selfish pleasure because the clients of the escorts like seeing them enjoying.

For those and many other reasons, we come to the conclusion that sex is a personal connection, an exchange of pleasures and feelings, and the girlfriend experience appears to be the best option to those who want to connect beyond technology.

10 October 2017  - 

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