Your sexual orientation and your partner’s is an aspect that plays a very important role in sex. It will determine all the aspects of a date, from the practices you will make to who you will share them with.

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Your sexual orientation and your partner’s is an aspect that plays a very important role in sex. It will determine all the aspects of a date, from the practices you will make to who you will share them with. Although each person is unique and, fortunately, labels regarding sexuality and sexual orientation are changing, we can split people in several groups depending on their sexual orientation and their way of living and enjoying their sexuality: homosexual, heterosexual, demisexual, pansexual, sapiosexual, asexual and bisexual, among others.

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The word asexual is formed by the prefix “a” and the lexical element “sexual.” The suffix “a” comes from Greek and means denial, therefore, asexual means literally “no sexual.” People who belong to this group don’t experiment any kind of sexual attraction to men or women.

We shouldn’t confound asexuality with celibacy or sexual abstinence. Sexual orientation isn’t something you choose to have or not, on the contrary to abstinence and celibacy. Differently from asexuality, celibacy and abstinence are both sexual behaviours that some people voluntarily adopt because of personal or religious beliefs.

However, although asexual people don’t experiment sexual attraction, they can feel romantic attraction to one of the sexes or even both and they usually want to have romantic relationships which can derive in marriage, although they would rather choose that those personal relations wouldn’t include sexual practices.


Demisexual is a word composed by “demi”, which in English means “a half”, and “sexus” which in Latin means “sex”, obviously. On the opposite of what we could think because of its etymology, demisexual doesn’t refers to a person that only likes sex sometimes, or that only has half of their sexuality.

This term was coined by the institution Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), and the people who experience demisexuality feel sexual attraction only to specific people who have previously built strong emotional bonds. Generally, demisexual people doesn’t feel particularly attracted to none of the genders, but experience sexual attraction when the connect emotionally with someone on a deep level.


“Sapio” comes from “sapiens”, which means wise, intelligent or with reasoning. Sapiosexual people obtain sexual pleasure when they connect to a person on a intellectual level. This kind of people usually have a common characteristic that in psychology is known as “openness to experience.” Often, sapiosexual pay little attention to those experiences they have already experimented, which they find boring or repetitive.

To stimulate the sexual drive of a sapiosexual, it’s necessary seducing them with interesting conversations about uncommon subjects. The excitement will start in their mind and will spread to physical levels until reaching the urgent desire of possessing the intelligence of their partner on a sexual level.


Pansexuality is a kind of sexual orientation in which people lead their sexual attraction and also their emotional attraction to other people without distinguishing between gender or biologic sex.

The term pansexual is a neologism that is built on the Greek prefix “pan” and the word “sexual.” Pan- means “everything” and makes reference to the plurality of people that pansexual feel attracted to.

Pansexuals are also known as omnisexuals, which prefix of Latin origin “omni” means “everything.” This kind of sexual orientation isn’t comparable to bisexuality, but it’s a wider and freer version of it. They feel attracted to heterosexual men and women, lesbians, gays, intersexuals, transexuals and intergenders.


This kind of sexual orientation is one of the most common in society. Heterosexual people experiment sexual attraction to people whose gender is the opposite to theirs. In other words, men feel attracted to women and vice versa.

Historically, religion and institutions that ruled the society have considered heterosexuality as the standard orientation for people. That’s why heterosexuality has always been socially accepted. Being heterosexual was considered “normal” while the rest of sexual orientations were stigmatized.


Homosexuals feel sexual attraction to people of the same sex or biological gender. “Homo” means “the same” in Greek, so the term “homosexual” can refer to homosexual men but also to homosexual women, also known as lesbians.

Homosexuality was considered an anomalous sexual orientation until recently and has been discriminated even now. Unfortunately, some people did thought that it was a disease, and consequently, it could be healed and leaded to heterosexuality. There was even an epoque in which there were mental health clinics specialized in treating homosexuality with ghoulish techniques like electroshock.


Bisexual people feel attracted to men and women. The Kinsey scale establishes several ranges of bisexuality depending of the kind of the predominant sexual relationships of each people. The range 0, the lowest of this scale, represents heterosexuality while the range 6 represents homosexuality.

Bisexuals are in the middle point of this scale, that is to say fully bisexual people are in the range 3 of Kinsey scale. Ranges 1 and 2 are occupied by people who are predominantly heterosexual but who sporadically have homosexual contacts with higher or lower frequency.

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15 March 2018  - 

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