The Internet has expanded our possibilities when it comes to meeting an escort in Barcelona. You only have to choose our favorite and contact via phone. You only have to consider some aspects.

20 December 2017  - 

Since some years, the Internet has expanded our possibilities when it comes to meeting an escort in Barcelona. Before, we were restricted to street workers and clubs, but now everything is faster and more direct thanks to the Net. We only have to choose our favorite and contact via phone. It seems easy, but the wider is the list of girls, the longer time it will take us to decide for one. Is there the perfect escort for you? Of course, you only have to consider some aspects.


Don’t be fooled. Escorts perform a service which is essentially physical, in other words: sex, that’s why it’s so important we feel attracted by them. There are many adverts on the Internet, you could filter for some details. Would you rather go for curvy bodies or fitness? Blondes, brunettes, redheads, everything can take part in your fantasy.

Not only sex

In addition to the sexual intercourse, is there something else you are looking for? Escorts have told us many times that their clients aren’t looking only for sex but also a little conversation or someone who listens to them. Some profiles show some of the services they offer apart from passion. Pay attention to what she says about herself and, if isn’t clear, you can call her and tell her you want to have sex with her but also something else.

What do you want her for?

Do you need her to escort you to an event? Do you need her to help you to silence the comments of your family about when are you getting a girlfriend? Do you want to spend an afternoon at home watching a movie and enjoying with an escort as if she was your girlfriend? The possibilities that the world of escorts offers are countless. That’s why the most advisable for you is to train your shooting skills and choose the escort who best adapts to what you are looking for.


Fantasies are one of the most powerful reasons to meet an escort. Our partner, in case we have one, might not want to do certain practices and that’s not a reason to lose the opportunity to satisfy those desires. If you are one of those who don’t hide anything to your girlfriend or wife, you can suggest her a service for couples and enjoy unconventional sex the three of you together.

Age: young or mature

Age is one of the most used filters when it comes to look for a date with an escort. Young and mature offer a very different treat. The date will change of tone depending on the age of the girl. For instance, a twenty-something will enjoy drinking beer and go to a disco and a thirty-something will enjoy a good bottle of champagne and a nice conversation at a restaurant before going to the suite.


Accents, the color of hair, the manners or the character are some of the traits of a perfect escort that help us to build our fantasy. Cubans, black escorts and exotic escorts like Japanese or Egyptian raise up the temperature of our body when we think of them. Devote some minutes to know which one of them fits better for a sexual date with you.

Skin color

The best representers of beauty are two opposite poles regarding the color of their skins. Slavic escorts like Ukrainian or Russian are extremely pretty. Her skin is completely pale and have light eyes. They are real beauties to Mediterranean men. On the other pole, we can find black escorts. Her charms and seduction powers come from countries like Ethiopia, South Africa or Namibia. If you like voluptuous curves, deep gazes and full lips, black escorts are your thing.

Hotel or home

You may not like going to a brothel to meet someone because you are discrete. In that case, you can check whether your chosen escort is available for outcalls to hotel or home or not. This is a service is for those men who are tired and don’t want to go out, or they are touring in the city and don’t know where brothels to go, or they simply don’t like to be seen because they want to protect their privacy.

Little obsessions: inked, without surgery, etc.

If you have already been with escorts and you are reading this post because you don’t have an special idea for your next date, you may feel attracted by the idea of meeting an inked escort or one who hasn’t surgery. The less surgery, the better? They are your type. Watch her pictures carefully and send her an e-mail. Maybe your perfect escort has normal breasts and natural lips without lip fillers.

Escorting services

Among all the types of escort on the Net, there are luxury escorts specialized in going unnoticed as prostitutes. They are very valued because they can be your perfect companion when it comes to meet someone you work with or your friends. Learned and speakers of several languages, they know how to behave in any situation and be the perfect escort without anybody else is aware of it.

Only you?

A date can occur between you and the perfect escort, but you can also agree with her adding someone else. A friend of yours or a friend of the escort can put the icing on the cake. A lesbian or a duo are burning hot ways to enjoy sex.

A relationship of continuity

A while of the best sex but also the best company? Do you feel comfortable with the idea of meeting an escort and count on her to tell her your confessions? As we said, although the relationship with a prostitute is based on sex, there are many men who need to feel a connection and be able to count on her as a friend or a psychologist. We are sure that some readers are now remembering that escort who had a conversation with and that one who became a friend.

20 December 2017  - 

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