Many men feel a very special passion for the sensual black women. The fact is that the beautiful mulatto and black women grab the attention of men greatly. Is it just about their skin and curvy bodies, or is it also the different touch in their personality?

06 February 2017  - 

Many men feel a very special passion for the sensual black women. Of course! Feminine curves, sensuality, cinnamon-like skin, ebony goddesses. Her exoticism and power of seduction are legendary. We are used to see Robert De Niro in magazines accompanied by a stunning black woman, for instance, Grace Hightower, his current wife. The great David Bowie married the Somali top model Iman and had a daughter together. The filmmaker George Lucas chose another stunning black woman, Mellody Hobson, and the list follows endlessly.

The coffee and the milk, the yin and the yan, the B&W movies and the coffee smoothies with cream, all them are the clear reflection of our passion for contrasts. For joining the opposites and mixing ourselves with somebody or something different to us. The result of it is usually good.

Dark skin is very exotic around here. Although we are getting used to it, the truth is that mulatto and black women grab the attention of men greatly. Is it just about their skin and curvy bodies, or is it also the different touch in their personality?

Very feminine women

We have found out some of the reasons why a man loses his mind for a black or mulatto escort by talking to some regular clients of La Vie en Rose. One of the first things they comment is their sensuality. “Mulatto escorts have something different. I like them because they are very feminine and curvy women. The physical differences between black escorts and Slavic escorts are very remarkable to me.”

Mulatto have an inner warmth that make them be very desired for a passionate night. “I like black escorts because they have fleshy lips and beautiful eyes. I get very horny when they are blowing me and look at me. I don’t know, they have something special.”

Another client of La Vie en Rose states, “you should sleep with a woman of a different race. If you have never done it, you don’t know what you are missing. Black escort are very elegant and know how to please a man in bed. I agree with De Niro. Mulatto do it better.”

“I would highlight the curves of black escorts. Their booties are like nobody else’s. Meeting a Cuban escort is my best plan for a Saturday night. They know how to make a man horny. They have lustful personalities, they are funny, we talk the same language. To me, they are the best.”

Although the beauty of black and mulatto women is obvious, some men find out something beyond their hips in them. “Black girls have a stronger personality. It seems like they have to stand out more than white girls, but getting that stage makes them stronger and more attractive. That makes me horny. They are more upright. And, of course they have better breasts and booties than the rest.”

Broadening our sexual culture

There are men who are absolute fans of mulatto or black escorts and others who date them to broaden their sexual culture. This kind of client are consumerist. One night they date a Chinese escort, the following night a Russian, or a Egyptian escort. Whatever the reason is, ebony girls have their agendas full.

The halo of mulatto and black escorts

Actually, the color of the skin isn’t as decisive as we might think. The skin can be an obvious sign of attraction, but it’s actually a set of qualities what makes us decide for a mulatto or a white skin. Except for the hair, skin and physical traits, the differences among women aren’t noticeable. That’s why some men say that their attraction isn’t physical, but cultural. We are talking about the halo of mulatto and black escorts.

One of the clients who prefers these escorts have confessed us “I’d rather date a Venezuelan escort to go out for a dinner, some drinks and dances before getting into the suite. We laugh together, we know each other. She is clever, I like to talk to her. We often meet and she always have a surprise for me.” He doesn’t highlight the black skin of the escort, only her set of qualities. The magic of mulatto has bewitched him.

We have asked another client why he’d rather meet black and mulatto escorts than the rest. “I don’t wonder why. I only enjoy them. I like them, they make me horny, I always get good memories from them. I know some in Barcelona I get on well with. They know what I want in bed and I know how to treat them well. They always find a gap on their agendas to meet me when I call them”.

Interracial sex

There’s a big amount of porn movies that show interracial sex. Black and white actors and actresses have sex and make our minds fantasize. That’s why one of the most requested threesomes is with a black escort and a white escort.

One of the most desired black escorts in Barcelona has commented to us that she shares her ménages à trois with a white escort. “Men get horny when they see a black and a white women together in bed. And, they go crazy, if we hook up and DATY each other, crazier than having the same with two white women. I don’t know why we are so successful. My most requested services are duo and lesbian.”

Like we always repeat on our beloved blog, there are colours for any taste. The important thing is to enjoy your favorite company and not wondering if black escorts are better. You should simply try them.

Dating a mulatto escort could be the beginning of a sexual adventure you have always dreamt of in your wettest and loneliest nights.

06 February 2017  - 

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